Crown Dating App Launches in L.A.

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  • Thursday, July 12 2018 @ 10:08 am
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Crown App Launch Party

Match Group has a new dating app called Crown, and to kick off its initial launch in Los Angeles, the company threw a party at the trendy rooftop bar EP&LP in West Hollywood.

The event drew more people than originally anticipated – the company received almost 800 RSVPs. This was an invitation-only event, but word managed to trickle out to L.A. singles. When we arrived, there was a line forming down the block just to get inside.

Crown strategists are positioning the app as a departure from the typical swiping apps modeled after Tinder, because of its intentionally game-like format. Much like you would approach betting on your favorite sports team, say for March Madness, Crown presents you with sixteen matches per day, presented in a bracket format. You pick the winner of each pair of potential matches, until you are left with the final four. When you crown the winner, you have twenty-four hours to message each other and see what happens next. The process starts all over again the next day with new matches.

Winners can choose not to message you, but the idea is that after playing, you’re more invested in the winner and more motivated to reach out. One major complaint of dating apps is the apathy in actually connecting – many people like to swipe but don’t message their matches. Also, there’s the innovative element with Crown of comparing two real-life people over its app, instead of swiping left on individual profiles that do not meet the “perfect match” fantasy in your head.

A view of the Crown Launch Party in LA
A view of the Crown Launch Party in LA

The party included a lot of young, attractive people (naturally), DJs, flowing cocktails and lots of swag, including mints and branded notebooks artfully arranged on tables for attendees to take home as souvenirs. There were plenty of photo opps, too, including an elaborate throne in the middle of the rooftop bar where attendees could wear a crown and pose for the camera.

Crown is Match Group’s latest effort to expand its roster of dating apps and services. The company also owns popular dating app Tinder, OkCupid, and PlentyofFish to name a few.

Facebook announced its entry into the dating space earlier this year, and since, it looks like Match has been positioning itself to compete directly with the social media giant.

Party attendees seemed very excited about the app, with many downloading and playing while we were at the party. Crown’s tagline was part of the party ambiance, too – “less swiping, more fun!”

The app is live in Los Angeles and will roll out to other cities in the coming months.