542 eHarmony Members Marry Every Day

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eHarmony commissioned a new marriage metrics study from Harris Interactive in 2009. They have released the statistics from the study this week in part to celebrate their 10 year anniversary. The last Harris Interactive study done for eHarmony was in 2007 (see Story); it concluded that 236 eHarmony users get married every day. This was based on data from April 1, 2006 to March 31, 2007. So, it has been about 3 years since this statistics has been updated. Let's see what Harris Interactive found out.

What they found was that the number of marriages per day resulting from eHarmony has doubled. On average, 542 people are married every day in the United States because of meeting online at eHarmony. Wow, this means there will be another 271 happy couples who married today, thanks to using the dating site eHarmony. This new data came from an online study from Harris Interactive which they ran during July and August of 2009. 7,994 people responded to this study, aged from 20 to 54 and who were married between Jan 1, 2008 and June 30, 2009. If you calculate it out, during this 18 month period, 148,311 eHarmony couples got married. This equals to 4.77 percent of all new marriages in the United States.

For more on this story you can read the 2009 summary of the eHarmony Marriage Metrics Study. For more about this dating site and how it matches members together, read our popular eHarmony review.

eHarmony iPhone Application is Here

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For those of you waiting, eHarmony has finally released their free iPhone Dating App today (on the day the eHarmony turns 10 no less). The App also works on the iPod Touch and the new iPad as well. Our quick test found the App fast and responsive. eHarmony users on the iPhone (without using Safari) can now view new and existing matches, communicate with them through the guided process and mail, and modify your photos. Free eHarmony members can also subscribe through the App as well.

One question I have is, I wonder if they will open up communication on the iPhone App during eHarmony's free communication weekends? They probably will but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I expect the next free communication weekend to happen in 2 weeks.

To try out the new Dating App, visit iTunes and to find out more about this dating site, check out our eHarmony review.

Plenty of Fish is Down - August 9, 2010

POF (Plenty of Fish)
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I have just started to see some visitor comments being submitted that the free online dating site Plenty of Fish is offline. POF looks to have been experiencing problems for the last couple of hours. The message that now appears when you visit the site is "The service is unavailable". Other visitors have reported seeing Memory errors which looks like it had when POF tried to send some email. Memory errors usually are caused by either faulty software or hardware. I would put my money on this being a hardware problem as I am sure any software used by the dating site is thoroughly tested before going live.

The last time we recorded Plenty Of Fish down was in May and like in other incidents the servers are usually back up and running properly in 5 to 10 hours.

We will update this post when we get more information.

Dating Sites Reviews Welcomes Elyse

About Us
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Dating Sites Reviews would like to welcome our new Blogger, Elyse, to our website. She is a dating coach from New York and enjoys studying how attraction works as well as what is needed to create a successful relationship. Elyse will be contributing regularly to our Dating Advice and Tips topics bringing her expert knowledge to bear.

You can already find some of Elyse's dating articles online now which you can find available here.

If you have a dating or relationship question, or topic, for Elyse to cover in a future article you can contact her here. For more information on Elyse you can read her Bio page.

eHarmony offers 10 Days of Free Communication

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Instead of a Free Communication Weekend (FCW), eHarmony has decided to have a 10 day long Free Communication Event! As far as I know this is the first time eHarmony has had a 10 day event. Most Free Communication promotions are less than half the length of time at 4 days. Free communication for this event starts this Friday July 23, 2010 and runs straight through to Sunday August 1, 2010. As with the Free Communication Weekends, members during this time period will be able to create a profile, take the eHarmony Questionnaire, receive matches and then communicate with them all at no cost and with no credit card required. Features available only to paid members during this promotion are viewing profile pictures, eHarmony Mail and Fasttracking the guided communication process.

If you are thinking about trying out eHarmony, this weekend would be a good time to start. The next 10 days will certainly be busy as old and new members take advantage of this event. For new members this is a great way to learn how to use eHarmony and it will give you a good idea on how eHarmony's matching system works. This will probably be one of the busiest weeks on eHarmony this summer thanks to it being prime vacation time, and this event.

This Free Communication Event/Weekend will be eHarmony's 27th. The last FCW was held on the Independence Day Holiday Weekend only 3 weeks ago (see Story).

For more information on this popular online matchmaking service, you can check out our review of eHarmony.

Chemistry's FREE this July Weekend

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Chemistry.com is planning a Free Weekend starting Friday July 23rd, 2010 and ending Sunday, July 25th, 2010. During this weekend no Credit Card is required to use almost all the functions of this popular matchmaking dating site. This includes creating a profile, taking the personality test, receiving highly targeted matches and communicating with them as well.

Chemistry works because of the match system behind their fun and interactive personality test. You not only answer unique and thought provoking multiple choice questions, you will be asked to analysis situations and images. All this information is then used to determine your personality type, and is then compared and matched with other Chemistry members. On this dating site you will only be contacted by members who are determined to be a good match for you and not by people just searching through a long list of members. This makes Chemistry the ideal choice for singles who are only interested in a long-term relationship.

This Flirtathon is the 8th time Chemistry has offered a free weekend for members. The last Chemistry.com free weekend for communication happened at the end of April (see Story). To find out more information on this dating service which does the matching for you, read our Chemistry.com review.