Plenty of fish Forums Gone.. Again!

POF (Plenty of Fish)
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A concerned visitor sent me an email the other day asking what has happened to the Plenty of fish forums? Did they shut down? I was like oh no not again, they have done something to the forums on POF. I still noticed the forums coming up in the search results so I visited directly and was greeted with a nasty server run time error.

Now I know a bit about web servers and this is a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) error. This is not good (see the full explanation below) because it indicates to me that the files for the Plenty of fish forum website has been removed. After further investigation it looks like this may have happened at least a week ago, since visitors have been searching our site about the Plenty of fish forums being removed for that long.

I am surprised that POF hasn’t addressed the problem. They must know about it as I am sure a large number of people have already complained about the issue as it has been a week now already. Also the POF forums are still very popular even though they are not directly linked to the main site anymore (I think POF wants to slowly kill the forums). What has me puzzled though is if they had plan to stop providing the forum, why not remove the website and domain record all together or at least display a nice message about the situation and the reason for the removal (which would take 2 minutes to do). Displaying a runtime error isn’t very professional. Heck even a redirect to the main POF dating site would have been better.

Update: After checking the POF forums off and on for the last hour it appears that this is an intermediate problem. About half the time I get a runtime error, about a quarter of the time I get some other one line text error and for the other quarter of the time the forums actually work. As I said before this has been happening for at least a week since others have reported on it.

I have a thought, let’s start a campaign to see if we can get Plenty of fish to fix the forums. I am going to tweet about this story on Twitter using the hashtag #FixForumsOnPOF. If you want POF to keep the forums alive like I do, then re-tweet my tweet or post your own using the hashtag. Maybe if POF is listening they will do something about it and fix the problem with the forums. 😊

In the meantime since you can’t use the POF forums all of the time you are more than welcome to post your relationship and online dating questions and observations in our dating forums. We have a number of forum categories you can post in about a whole pile of different topics.

So, what does the runtime IIS error mean that most people seem to be getting? It actually is 2 errors in one. The web server is complaining first about their not being a custom error file in the location specified to display to visitors when an error happens. The second error actually triggered the first error. The second error is harder to figure out since the current error message is all about the first error. The second error is some sort of application error which could be anything from the actual website files not being available to a coding error in the requested web file. Since an error message is displayed it does indicate that webserver is working properly and that there is nothing wrong with the domain record.

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The Latest Way To Meet Your Match: Google Knowledge Graph

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Seriously, is there anything Google doesn't do?

The mega-company already manages every other aspect of your life, so why not add one more? A new online dating service is hoping to help users skip the awkwardness of first date small talk using Google's Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base used by Google to enhance its search engine's capabilities using semantic-search information gathered from a wide variety of sources., a London-based startup, is planning to harness the power of Google's latest innovation using, part of the Knowledge Graph, to discover matching and similar interests between two people. By bringing together like-minded people with common interests, Loveflutter hopes to eliminate those bad dates when you have nothing to talk about.

Loveflutter users can either import their interests from Facebook or add them manually. Loveflutter then uses the information to create a real-time interest graph and match users based on correlating keywords. If you're into Victorian literature, Loveflutter will pair you with people who list Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde as favorite authors. If you're into fantasy flicks, you'll be matched with users who say they love the Lord of the Rings films.

Once you've connected to a partner with potential, Loveflutter streamlines the dating experience even more by using Foursquare to set up your first date. Click on the "Suggest-a-Date" feature and the site will recommend date locations that are equidistant from you and your upcoming date. The site can even pair you up based on what bars, restaurants, or other hangouts the two of you frequent, instead of based on where you live.

In the future, Loveflutter plans to boost the "Suggest-a-Date" feature by including places based on both individuals' interests, and give users the option to book or make reservations. They also plan to launch a smartphone app later in the year.

"Loveflutter takes the nervousness out of online dating and helps people get on their first date," Daigo Smith, one of Loveflutter's co-founders, told Mashable. "Using the interest graph as the matching foundation makes it easier to break the ice on your first date because you'll have more to talk about."

For now, access to the site is free, but pay-as-you-go or unlimited monthly membership charges do apply to use Loveflutter's features and send messages. The pay-as-you-go membership requires a $5 activation credit and costs $0.50 to send a message. The premium membership, which offers unlimited access to all features and messaging, costs $29.99/month.

2012 Singles In America Report: Dating In A Digital World

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For this year's annual 'Singles In America' study, teamed up with world-renowned biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher of Rutgers University. The findings of the comprehensive study debunk common dating myths and paint a comprehensive picture of dating in the modern age.

"The media portrays long-term love and commitment as being doomed," says Dr. Fisher. "Sexting, new attitudes about virginity, the rise of 'friends with benefits,' emerging 'Internet etiquette' and women's rising roles in courtship all presage a dramatically new dating landscape. But even the bad economy can't kill love."

When it comes to dating in a digital world, the 'Singles In America' study has this to say:

  • Many women research a date ahead of time, but men don't approve of pre-date Googling. 48% of single women (and 38% of single men) admit to looking a new date up on Facebook before meeting for the first time. Although social 'stalking' is increasingly commonplace, nearly half of all single men (49%) think it's unacceptable.
  • Not only is dating presearch becoming more common and controversial, it's also becoming a weightier factor in who we date. 49% of women and 27% of men would cancel a first date over something they found while looking up the person online.
  • Clearly it's important that we all learn to put our best face [book] forward. 27% of single men and 26% of single women say they have cleaned up their Facebook profiles before accepting friend requests from potential suitors (or say they would do so in the future).
  • If current trends continue, privacy may be a thing of the past. 77% of women and 53% of men believe in digital transparency, saying they would not date someone who was secretive with their text messages.
  • Younger singles are the most likely to snoop. Singles in their 20s are most likely to become digital detectives, searching through a partner's Facebook page (29%), text messages (26%), and email (18%). Older singles, in their 30s and 40s, are more likely to snoop through a partner's medicine cabinet, and nearly ¼ of all female singles, regardless of age, admit to searching a date's pocket, drawers, or closets.

Though they may sound less than ideal, Dr. Fisher thinks the changes are ultimately for the best. "Despite all we hear about hooking up and divorce," she reassures, "we now have significant data that shows American singles (including men) are earnestly seeking respect, trust, transparency and commitment in a relationship. Over the three years of this study, women have consistently wanted more independence, while men have expressed more interest in romance. Nevertheless, both sexes believe a relationship can last, and both continue their primordial drive to find and keep love."

To find out more about the service which created this report you can read our review.

How Reddit Can Help Your Love Life

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It has often been said that the Internet would be nothing without funny pictures of cats.

It sounds ridiculous, but as far as I'm concerned, it isn't far from the truth (or should I say "teh truth?"). Cats have become such an integral part of the World Wide Web experience that they can now determine your next date.

Yep, that's right...lolcats, and your other favorite Internet phenomena, can now be responsible for the future of your love life. Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite dating sites, all of which base your dates on your favorite subreddits and taste in Internet humor.

Reddit has spawned a wealth of redditor-created dating sites, like and On LaughMatch, users watch a series of funny videos upon registering. After giving their reviews of humorous clips like a bad lip read of Twilight, the site matches members with dates based on where they placed the slider to rate the videos. A similar sense of humor is a solid foundation for any relationship, right?

4.everalone promises to match users based on their favorite subreddits. All new members provide an e-mail address, their reddit login info, and a list of their 5 favorite subreddits. The site's creator then searches the database to find another redditor with the same subreddit interests.

Another great idea came from yet another redditor, though the site is now no more. TalkOverTea eliminated one of online dating's biggest problems by implementing a very simple solution. The dating profile formula means that we all judge our dates long before we've ever even spoken to them - often solely by their pictures, because we never make it to the text.

TalkOverTea eradicated harmful and unfair prejudgments by turning the typical online dating process on its head. Instead of viewing a profile first and messaging later, TalkOverTea members began communicating first. The site engaged two users in conversation and then, over time, revealed tidbits of their profiles as the conversation continued. It's a refreshing approach to online dating that I wish had stuck around...perhaps one day it will return.

So far, it seems that the giant online dating sites are winning the battle for Web dominance, but I still hold out hope for the smaller, niche sites. In some ways they do a better job of replicating the way we connect in real life, since we often meet new people in locations or during activities based around a specific, shared interest.

What has your experience been? Have you had more success on small sites like these, or big sites like Match?

The 2012 Singles In America Report

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For the last three years, has compiled an annual review of singles' dating habits, sexual practices, and lifestyles. The 'Singles in America' study is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind, thanks to Match's massive user base. As the biggest online dating site in the world, Match has unprecedented access to info on the 1/3 of the U.S. population that is single.

The 2012 report debuts the inclusion of married individuals in the study, in order to gain a greater understanding of sex and love and to compare lifestyles and attitudes across a range of relationship statuses.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Friends with benefits is increasingly becoming a standard stop on the way to a relationship. 47% of singles have had a friends with benefits arrangement in the past (40% of women and 53% of men), with a dramatic year-over-year increase. And not only are they happening more frequently, they're also turning into serious relationships more than ever before.
  • But, although casual sex is on the rise, a greater number of American women are insisting on some kind of commitment before getting intimate with a new partner. Women are looking to wait until they're in an exclusive relationship before jumping into bed with someone (25% of single women in 2010, 31% in 2011, and 37% in 2012)
  • The struggling economy has been big news almost everywhere, but Americans' dating lives have remained largely untouched by the financial crisis. Nearly 2/3 of singles say they have not changed their dating habits during the last three years.
  • In news that will surprise very few of you, bars are out and the Web is in. Online dating sites are now the #1 place where singles meet, with almost 1/3 reporting that they dated someone they met online. 20% of singles say they met their most recent first date online, while only 7% say they met their newest date in a bar.

"As the leader in the online dating industry for almost two decades," said Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of, "gaining an even deeper knowledge of our audience - an incredibly influential segment of society - is invaluable to our business."

"Since its inception, Singles in America has proven to be an unprecedented source of insight into the ideologies and lifestyle choices of today's singles. Now in our third year with the study, we are identifying trends and compelling findings on everything from the prevalence of technology in the dating process to singles' sentiments about married life, as well as previously unstudied trend data."

Stay tuned for more on the study as new information is released. If you are interested in finding out more about this dating site which is extremely popular in the United States, you can take a look at our review.

The State Of Dating In America: The Keys To Commitment

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Meeting someone is only half the battle.

The story doesn't end when you find the magic profile that catches your eye. And let's be honest, the next part is just as confusing - if not more confusing - than the first part. A whole new set of questions arises the moment you decide to get more serious.

Should you have sex before marriage? Will your friends and family like your partner? Do their opinions even matter? And what makes a relationship last?

The State Of Dating In America report from ChristianMingle and JDate has the answers.

When asked "Would you have sex before marriage?"...

  • More than half of all singles say they would have sex before marriage without conditions.
  • Men are more likely to say they're comfortable with it.
  • Only 15% of singles say they would not have sex at all before marriage.
  • Younger singles are more likely to feel they need to be in love in order to have sex before marriage.
  • Singles in the 35- to 44-year-old range are least likely to feel that commitment is a prerequisite to sex.

The responses to "How much influence do the following individuals have on whom you date?" reveal that...

  • "Friends" and "Mother" are the most popular dating consultants for singles.
  • "Father" and "Siblings" are the next most popular.
  • "Pets" have a greater influence than "Other family!"
  • Men tend to turn to their mothers first, then their friends. Women tend to turn to their friends first, then their mothers.
  • Singles ages 18-34 are far more likely to let immediate family and friends influence who they date.

And when it comes to marriage...

  • Mothers have the greatest influence on who 18- to 24-year-olds will marry, followed by fathers and friends.
  • Overall, singles ages 45-59 are least likely to let outside forces influence who they will marry.

Believe it or not, there are no significant differences between men and women when it comes to the most important factors in a lasting commitment. Both agree that the keys to a successful relationship are:

  • Partner's family treats me well (92%)
  • Similar views on pets (89%)
  • Likes same activities (85%)
  • Similar political views (84%)
  • Similar views on smoking (84%)
  • Similar social habits (82%)
  • Same race/ethnicity (79%)
  • Same level of cleanliness (78%)
  • Same level of physical activity (74%)
  • Good sexual chemistry (72%)

Would anyone have guessed that pets have a greater influence over long-term relationships than good sex?!