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eHarmony Members can now see "Who Has Viewed Me"

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It's official now! The "Who Has Viewed Me" feature is now available to members of eHarmony. You can now see members who have viewed you from up to 2 weeks ago. There is also a new option in your Match Settings which allows members to show their views of profiles as anonymous instead of showing their membership name.

This feature has the side affect of now allowing singles to see if a member is currently actively using eHarmony. If you send them a mail message and if their is no view of your profile (let alone a reply) by the eHarmony member, most likely then it is an inactive profile (unless the member is on vacation or something).

The Busiest Month in Online Dating

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With New Years Eve just past and Valentines Day just a month and a half away this marks the busiest time period for online dating sites. Singles are either fulfilling their New Years resolution to take time out of their hectic lives to find love or, they want to find someone before the day of expressing love, Valentines Day. Several dating services such as Match.com, eHarmony and PerfectMatch.com all start major advertising campaigns or increase spending in advertising this month to try and capture these additional online daters. This marketing is done mainly via both the internet and with TV commercials. Most dating sites hope to get at least a 15% increase in singles signing up for their service.

An article by the Seattle Times has a few more statistics for you about dating in the month of January. Mark Brooks from OnlinePersonalsWatch.com is quoted in this article as well.

Match.com is about to launch a Facebook Application

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CBS 5 is reporting that one of the largest dating sites, Match.com is about too debut an application with everyone's favorite social networking site, Facebook. The application is called "Little Black Book" and it allows Facebook users to see other Facebook users and Match.com members who wish to date. With this application you can also share your matches with any of your Facebook friends. The other key feature is, users of Facebook with the Little Black Book don't necessary have to be members of Match.com. The reason for this is the application is a new paying service for Match.com. Once you have your matches, It will allow Facebook users to contact other users on a "pay per contact" basis instead of the regular monthly subscription which Match.com itself offers. At this point I would assume, if you are a member of the Match.com dating site you would not have to pay this fee. The Little Black Book also allows you to purchase keys to unlock a potential match for a friend. This feature ties in nicely with Match.com other new feature this week, matchmyFriends. Match My Friends allows people to create a dating profile for their friends (with the friends permission of course). We will have more information on matchmyFriends in another story. (UPDATE - Story now available here)

As everyone knows, social networking on the internet is huge. Sites like Facebook and MySpace have made it very popular. Facebook itself has an estimated 58 million users, while Match.com themselves have over 15 million. With the rise of social networking sites internet gurus expected dating sites to decline. In fact the opposite is true. Internet Dating has never been more popular. Singles like the dedicated service and features which dating sites offers. Plus, you know people on a dating site are actively looking for a relationship, on Social Networking sites a large percentage are not.

Allowing Facebook users to access Match.com's features is a very smart move on the part of Match.com and opens the door to more potential customers. IMO it should work out well just as long as Match.com doesn't charge too much to Facebook users to contact a match through the Little Black Book application.

The Facebook Little Black Book application is expected to launch next week, for more information on Match.com read our review.

New Dating Site Category for the Award Winners

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We have just introduced a new dating category for our award winners. The new category is called:

Award Winning Dating

This category represents the current year's recipients for the Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards. For more information on the awards please visit our Awards topic or the new category to view the recipients directly.

Date.com has some New Blog Widgets for Us

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Ha, I noticed on the Online Dating Insider (a blog for people who work in the Dating Industry) that David has an article on Date.com's new Blog Widgets. These Blog Widgets are actually quizzes. The available quizzes include "How addicted are you to Online Dating?" and a "Hot or Not Calculator". Once you take a quiz they will give you the code to put on a blog if you have one. Dave only scored a 45% and he thought that was low since he spends a large amount of time using online dating sites. I took the test as well and I scored a 45%! I spend a fair bit of time using online dating sites but only from the point of reviewing the dating service and checking in from time to time to see any new features and what has changed. So in this regard, some of the questions I answered pertaining to how often I change my profile and photo, would have lowered my overall score.

You can see our Date.com Review here for more information on this dating service.