Guys – Stop Doing This on Dating Apps

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Tips for Guys on using Dating Apps

Dating apps have made a lot of bad dating behavior even easier. Because of the anonymous, behind-the-screen nature of dating apps, there is little to no accountability for the way you treat people. Which means a lot of online daters are left wondering if using a dating app is worth it.

Dating apps are great tools, but both men and women make mistakes when it comes to meeting people and trying to connect. Many online daters put forward images of themselves that aren’t necessarily true to gain more matches, and many also tend to be flaky about follow-through and meeting in person. Instead of hiding so much behind your dating app, it’s better to take responsibility and treat your dates how you would like to be treated.

Following are some behaviors that guys do on dating apps that we wish you would stop doing:

You message but never meet.

Many of you mass swipe and try to get as many matches as possible to increase your odds. The problem is, you might never message some of those matches, or if you start messaging, you don’t actually get to the date. Endless messaging that leads nowhere is frustrating to daters who are trying to meet people in real life. So cut to the chase.

You are flaky.

Maybe you message back and forth with your matches, and maybe you make plans, but your follow-through sucks. If you agree to meet for drinks on Wednesday but then disappear when she texts you to confirm, it’s not cool. If you need to cancel, do it – don’t leave her hanging.

You don’t ask about your match’s profile.

Some online daters are vague in their messages, which means they either didn’t read the profile or they are mass-messaging other women to see who responds. Neither of these options is attractive. Instead, get a little more specific and engaging with your questions, and show that you really paid attention to the profile of the person you’re messaging.

You take pictures with your “conquests.”

Whether it’s a photo of you holding a large fish, or next to an expensive car or boat, you are trying to convey a not-subtle message of conquest and achievement. Instead, try being a little more genuine, unless you do spend a lot of time standing next to your car.

You’re inappropriate.

If you message a total stranger with an inappropriate or suggestive comment, or a lude photo, do you expect positive responses? Just because you’re on a dating app doesn’t mean that everyone will want to have sex with you, so stop being inappropriate.

Ladies – you make mistakes on dating apps, too. Next week we’ll cover your online behavior that needs to stop. Stay tuned!