5 Online Dating Mistakes to Stop Doing Now

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Online dating can be daunting, whether you’ve done it off and on for years or it’s the first time you’re giving Tinder or OkCupid a try. It’s not for the faint of heart – so take courage in the fact that you are putting yourself out there to find love.

Unfortunately, no matter how much of a seasoned “pro” you think you might be, too many people make the same mistakes when it comes to online dating, and you might be one of them.

To optimize your profile and attract more matches to you requires some effort and savvy. Ask for help when you need it, and try to avoid these five online dating mistakes:

Using generic photos.

When you’re online dating, especially through an app, you don’t have long to tell your story – often you have to make yourself clear with one or two pictures and a few words to describe yourself. This is why it’s important that your photos not only look good, but they tell a story. Maybe your matches won’t read that you play guitar or ride horses, but if you post a picture of yourself doing so, it sparks interest and a conversation.

Lying about anything.

Contrary to popular practice, lying on your dating profile only gets you into trouble. You will be misleading your dates, turning them off from the beginning if your photos are too old or your age or weight is misrepresented. Sure, there is a bias built into a dating site because there are biases in society, but don’t lie to attract the wrong people to you. The ones worth waiting for are the ones who are interested in you as you truly are.

Being generic in your description.

Most people enjoy laughing, chilling with Netflix, or trying a new restaurant, so what makes your profile stand out? Insert a little personality, whether you tell a funny story or include unusual details about your life that attract someone’s attention. It’s the details that matter.

Opening a message with “hey.”

I can’t make an online dating mistakes list without talking about the obvious – that is, messaging your matches/ potential dates with such great openers as “hey,” or “how’s it going?” Snooze. You don’t have to pull a cheesy one-liner to be interesting, but try to be a little more creative. Mention something from their profile or ask a question that shows you’re interested. Otherwise, you might just get deleted.

Swiping left or right too often.

If you mass swipe right hoping to improve your chances, or if you’re so picky you rarely swipe right, you are doing yourself a disservice. Consider the people you’re seeing on your dating app, and see if you might keep a more open mind, or if you would really consider going out with them if you met in person. There’s a strange numbers game we tend to play, which makes it more confusing for everyone else. Instead, open your mind and follow your heart. Swipe with intention.