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The forums on plenty of are literally insane

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That site is a total cesspit full of sackless foot-lickers and the queen bee single moms who get worshipped by them. Avoid.


Quote by: Mike

One of the worst POF horror stories you will ever hear...

Hey guys. My profile on POF was being edited mysteriously. Phrases like 'I car and 2.5 children is not my idea of happieness' were changed. Car became Van. Trivial.. but annoying. I kept changing this things back, petty changes clearly made by someone abusing moderator or admin power. Perhaps someone hacking but who honestly spends time doing that?

It was when I had a message in my outbox saying ' I love fat chicks, more cushion for pushin' that I took the issue to the forums...where the admins were autocratic, rude, patronising and arrogant.

I merely suggested the posibility of a 'rogue moderator?' messing around. I said I understand it was a free site so perhaps security was lax.

Of course they instantly got defencive and I was subjected to a lynch mob of mainly middle aged women clearly sucking admin *censored* to gain praise... Rolling Eyes

I think the mods themselves are single guys, hailed as martyrs for their work in volunteering to help people find happiness. I believe my encounter was also with tickettoride though I fail to recall the name of the other admin.

Important: I did not directly accuse anyone of hacking me. I suggested the possibility of someone with power doing it. I left the thread after some middle aged women had 'checked my profile' and said I should try drinking less and maybe this wouldn't happen.' This woman had 'pizza' listed on her hobbies/interests section, and was criticizing my drinking habbits..

So I go to sleep.

I wake up, to find most of the sites I'd been a member of, youtube, a mental health support group ( I have some anxiety/insomnia/depression history) had been sabotaged. 3 or 4 sites in total. I was removed or banned from youtube, I had recordings there, I'm a musician.. I struggle to get a good recording due to anxiety basically. They were all gone. All my journals which I needed for evidence for a court hearing I had in the coming week. I was shocked, it couldn't be coincidence, could it? The spat with the POF admins, the sudden realisation I'd used the same password for POF as I had for my email except for one capital letter, which no doubt, the perpetrator had guessed.

Yep. It is highly likely POF admins HACKED my personal online accounts. For suggesting the possibility of pranks played on me by admins. My profile stood out, it was long, and I was opinionated, I probably didn't fit their criteria or personal agenda for the image of their site?

This really did, cause me a lot of stress, I lost contact with a lot of friends due to not having copies of their details, I lost 2 years of journals. I have memory problems so they were vital to me to piece together my life for the sake of my therapist or docs to understand what's going on with me. I'm doing fine at the moment, but during this time I was low, and this didn't help. They deleted everything and it must have been manual because most of my accounts remained. This person sat for HOURS deleting every photo every contact every journal I owned.

He sent a message to me from my old account to my new account I made after fearing being harassed further, it took my a while to work out how to reset the password. He said 'Enjoy this while it lasts buddy Wink '

I'm not sure what that was even meant to mean, enjoy my day of suffering as a result of my damaged ego? This is a person who went through my emails to find a DEPRESSION support group and calously removed all my journals. I have a lot of issues, I've had cancer at age 12, an abusive family, and my health has caused me discrimination at work or even in getting jobs. Does this strike you as evil? It does me.

FYI I unwittingly used the same password. I did notice the password field on POF is NOT obscured by stars. It suggests to me that admins or moderators can therefore see peoples passwords. My password was guessed, my online life sabotaged as a result of being harassed on POF. I didn't do anything to anyone. Be warned. Choose a random/new pasword and email if joining POF. And do not post on the forums.

This is not made up. I have at least 5 people who saw what happened and who I told of the events as they occured. My use of similar passwords is due to memory issues and a common thing for people to do. I have up to date firewalls and anti virus. I asked the police if anything could be done - they simply said it wasn't even a crime. That's justice for you.

Literally insane? LOL. POF admins? Hi, Pot! I'm Kettle!

tickettoride is merely a moderator, with now access to your personal info. You most likely were infected by a trojan or some sort, which sent back your log in information back to the creator of said trojan. It wasn't anyone at POF. Paranoid much? You said you suffered from anxiety, so maybe some new meds and a better therapist may be a good idea. And if you use the same email and password for everything, you are far too stupid to be on the Internet. That''s practically praying to be hacked.

So were your friends there to witness this, or did you tell them? You said they saw it happen, but then you said you told them about it. So which is it?

I call BS. If not, get better help.

And don't look now, but I'm standing....RIGHT BEHIND YOU.


Quote by: Da_main_man

Quote by: Grr

There are numerous threads where users have indicated that the ads freeze their Firefox browsers--why on Earth would you then recommend that people change to *this* browser? It makes no sense.

uh, firefox is one of their click to pay adverts... they make money on it ;-)

its so transparent...

3 year ban, huh? yeah, they silenced you as a potential aggitator in revenue loss... ha ha ha...

that site has more inactive members, more fake profiles and no real numbers... 2007 and 2008 were their (or his) biggest numbers last year saw a 56% drop/decrease.... that is huge... that is unheard of... 56%... imagine what the revenue losses had to be like... if no one is visiting the site or not coming back, then there are no ads clicked... and that's how he makes his money... no one certainly is signing up for their latest invention "premium membership" that is fee based LMFAO.... wouldnt people go to a site that doesnt look like a teen made circa 1997 website with Modern features in php, etc.... pof dork still uses asp and aspx... dude is so old school doesnt even realize its a new century.

as for the mods on the forums... who cares... you arent missing anything.... in fact, there are better forums to be members of online... answer me this, why would they recommend FF when FF blocks ads and pop-ups? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose? And FireFox is free, dip*censored*,

If asp and aspx works for him, what's the problem?


Quote by: Erinlove

I can't believe this utter CRAP I am reading. Guys saying only women are crazy (and flocking to Plenty of Fish apparently) and are only good for sex?!?! Well dudes, YOU are the ones we are mad at and trying to avoid. You are the ones that make us act "crazy".. "Crazy" of course meaning not taking your BS.
Want an example?

One guy up there said "it is good for a booty call with an average looking woman and that's about it".
1. Who are YOUR parents, I bet you are real gorgeous yourself. Even if you ain't a hypocrite (smart money says you are though), what kind of moronic loser judges people solely on what they look like?
2. Ever thought these women could be just bad/clueless at dating?! And not REALLY existing to have occasional sex with some retard, but are sick of WAITING for a guy to actually NOT be.. just.. like.. you?

Am I crazy now? Only women are crazy according to you guys. You can treat the women how ever you want and call it "play" and if she has a problem with it or has an actual mind you throw her in the crazy pile. That is IF she isn't already thrown in the FAT pile for not having an eating disorder, or the AVERAGE pile for not being like the poster kids in panties you wank to nightly....
And you guys do all this without realizing you are the very reason the site SUCKS and it makes women bitter.

Scroll up a bit and look at the guy that can't spell the word "of" insulting other people. Yeah this is clearly better, more literate and nicer than the "literally insane" POF forums. They did the right thing banning you people lol. But you don't even see it.

Poor people have poor ways, Erinlove.

~Another Erin


I've no idea how you could defend the site's design. It's so haphazard, sloppy and badly-coded that you can barely tell where you are and what screen is supposed to be for which function. Often when I log in I can't tell if I'm looking at a new registration page, a members browser or what. There's nothing inherently wrong with .NET (hell, OkCupid is supposedly written in C, not a net-friendly language) but the whole POF site reeks of something that was started by an amateur and pieced together over time. Again, doesn't really make a difference since it's free and more or less functional, but I can think of a million massive security vulnerabilities just sitting here looking at it.


As a man, I have experimented with this site. I used two accounts: one with my real pics and another with a random guy who was slightly chubby and not so attractive.

I received messages from a lot of single parent mothers whom where seemingly insecure on the profile with my own pic. I received a few messages from some fairly attractive girls who later stopped replying for whatever reason. I also received a message from someone outside the UK randomly telling me I was quote 'cute'. Random, but basically sums this site up: fantasy.
One thing I hated was that women seemed to complain about being sent just 'hi how are u?', yet when they sent me messages as a first time contact they nearly always said just hi and then used an emoticon such as Smile or Wink. Some even said things like 'hey gorgeous' or 'sexy', but they were few and far between I must admit. Still, the double standards of what women complain about on there and what some of he do rings true. I'm not saying men are better, but you know.

On the other account, I sent messages to all those I received things from on my account and received no responses.

I also selected a vast amount of women based on looks alone in the following catergories and used both accounts to send a blanket email-

Ugly, Average and Hot

The highest yield of responses in messages came from the hot section, whereas the average section there were literally none for both accounts. As you'd imagine, the ugly ones always responded.

My opinion is that the site is a joke and only good for wasting your time. I found the profiles of several women quite alarming and deluded, and I think some girls are only on there to flatter themselves. I never went on their looking for a date, and I warn any man with an ounce of self respect to treat that site as a training ground to hone your trolling skills and nothing more.

I made a fake female profile and suddenly realised how bad the men there are. My god, how do they keep up with sifting throught the whordes of purile pap they get sent day in day out??? As a man with a fairy decent pic I only got about 3 or 4 new messages a week, but it was easily 3 or 4 a minute with the female profile.

Moral of the story is the site is a sex pest's wet dream... or maybe a potential rapist/serial killer breeding program. STAY AWAY FROM IT IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT LOVE!!!

Peace out.


I find the forums at plenty of fish so heavily moderated that the norms rule. If you try to say anything that even tries to understand what is going on, they delete your post and reprimand you like a five year old. I wouldn't waste my time on those boring forums.

My experience using plenty of fish is that I got about a hundred replies, with maybe one or two with anything at all going for them, and when I answered them they didn't reply. The others who contacted me could easily be described as losers, one after the other with absolutely nothing going for them in intelligence, looks, height, or employment status. My confidence nosedived when some unemployed illiterate guy contacted me twice asking whether I had forgotten to reply to him.

All the professional guys don't want to know, even if they are old and nothing to look at and not that interesting and only a bit above average intelligence. I can guarantee that if I reply to them they will ignore me. Yet I am deluged by losers, who are surprised that I don't answer. I have even been turned down by guys who I don't particularly fancy who seemed slightly ok.

I suppose it was an enlightening experience, even if it made me feel ill. Maybe I learned something about myself and the way guys behave. Probably there aren't a lot of decent men on there anyway, and any who do have the tiniest thing going for them get deluged by the women.


It is not the site that is the problem it is the jerks that are on the site.
There is one called ***** he has a wife, and his picture is not
even him. and he has some kind of red ugly looking sores on his
hands. So beware ladies and stay away from him. I did not post
his last name of his screen name but you can figure it out I am sure
The site is good and the monitoreds do a good job for the amount
of people they have to check on. So it you do not like the site
close your account and move on. There are always plenty of
fish in the see.

Keep up the good work.


If you are moronic enough to write the way you did in your post, misspellings, improper terminology, profanity, vulgarity, etc, I can see why they would delete your post immediately. That kind of writing should be reserved for the locker room and/or among friends, NOT used to address complete strangers. It's impolite, unprofessional, etc. The only women who approve of that kind of writing are pretty skanky, sleazy rednecks anyway.

Quote by: jerked around

I hope that anyone that reads this goes to POF's date site.

It is

You don't have to register to view the forums and they have about 20 sub forums like dating over 45, single parents, etc.

I have NEVER seen such a bunch of crazy sh@t in my life.

If you post a comment or question, on of Marcus Fink (or whaterver his last name is) infamous moderators will most likely delete it unless you are a woman or a male lapdog to the women.

Guys with any balls are shown no respect. Women think they rule the world yet complain they can't find dates.

The site is so full of angry, bitter women i feel sick when i have bothered to look at these forums.

I have kept hoping I might find some real information on the war of the sexs but there is so much negativity and hypocrasy, there is no way to find anything useful unless you have an iron stomach.

So if you really want to see true insanity on a date site, go to plenty of fish.

The site is run by a Nazi who thinks you have to be 'worthy' to be date.

This asshole thinks is a dating God.

And yet i see so many people say they have never found anyone that will go on a date.

I don't mind people that can back up what they say but all this Fink guy wants is absense money. He live in Canada, looks like a ddork, and claims to now have the largest dating site in the world.

One man wrote he had been on the site for two YEARS and no one was intersted.

And then thee are the men that complain the women only want sex. If this is not BS, i don't know what is.

I would love to go one a date and the woman says why don't you come on over and we skip dinner and get down to buisness.

Enter this site at your own risk.



I was on POF for a couple of years; however, dating wasn't the reason. I enjoyed the forum, in that one could post, reply, ect. However, the author here isn't kidding about anything.

If one makes a valid point that isn't even remotely liberal, then you're screwed socially. The place is quite literally loaded with liberal dirt bags with about as much sense as a bag of hammers. And quite frankly, ad hominum abuse is the typical response to anything logical.

And as far as dating any women there or any other site, it never cesed to amaze me how a woman will tell you that she has her career, home, children, and doesn't need a husband or father for her kids. Yet, she'll actually claim to be looking for a man??? I mean really; are they there to brag or simply display the ignorance of liberalism as a whole?

One woman actually had the morbid stupidity to think of the female sex as being a race, if you can believe that. Nevertheless, POF is extremely good at allowing one to get a real feel for what people are like when their persona isn't showing, and not a bad lesson learned for those who haven't figured out what one is yet.


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