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Has anybody had any experience with I posted a free profile and I have gotten a lot of flirt emails but I'm wondering if they are not real and just a ploy for me to buy a paid membership so I can respond back. Their search features aren't very good because you can't filter out based on age nor can you tell if the person has kids, etc. Also, they don't seem to post activity for the profiles so you don't know if you're looking at a profile that may not have been active for months.

Any info on experience with this site would be appreciated.


I have been using Singlesnet for a few weeks and am disappointed. The flirts are frequently fakes, you can tell because the person never looked at your profile, and there is on;y one pic, sometimes the description doesn't match( eye/ hair color etc.). They don't screen very well either, I've seen and had contact from foreign women posing as locals. It's free so I'm going to leave it up, there are women active on there but I have had no luck yet.

Anonymous Gal

Anonymous has real people on it. I joined less than two weeks ago and have already talked to 3 people on the phone and had 2 dates with extremely nice guys last weekend (Memorial Day weekend). Both were intelligent, well-groomed and presentable. I'm meeting a 3rd person tomorrow and expect to meet a 4th sometime soon. None of the messages I have received have been from fake guys. Each and every person I responded to sent me additional emails responding to specific things I had mentioned. Fake profiles could not customize their messages in this way.

However, I have noticed that the flurry of "flirts" and emails is slowing down already. This isn't just Singlesnet, it is like this on almost any dating site. There are members who monitor the "newbie" list and race to contact each new person first. For this reason, I move from one dating site to another once it gets stale.

What is unusual about Singlesnet is that I've actually met people -- very nice people -- from it. So I can't agree with the comments about "fake" profiles on Singlesnet. But I am a woman, and my experiences may be very different from a man's. I will say that there are many, many men's profiles out there that scream "lazy slob who can't be bothered to make an effort". If you guys want to get responses to your emails you need to clean up your act! Check your spelling and punctuation, or have someone else do it for you. Use a photo that shows you smiling, not scowling. Don't hide behind sunglasses and baseball caps, and for God's sake don't wear a "wifebeater" undershirt in the photo. Make sure that your introductory paragraph sounds like a person a woman might actually want to meet. If you have a chip on your shoulder, it's going to be apparent. If you are an uneducated person don't expect to have a woman with a graduate degree fall all over you. The same applies to men from a blue collar background. Your idea of a fun date might be Nascar. Mine most likely isn't, and I'm not at all impressed by your Harley. Screaming that I'm a "fake" because I ignore you isn't going to help.

It's a lot easier to point fingers and accuse a site of using "fake" profiles than to take a good hard look in the mirror, but you really need to. You need to be realistic about the kind of woman you can attract. No dating site has an obligation to burp up the perfect woman for you. And even in the extremely unlikely event that it could, how long would the perfect woman stick around if you're not the perfect man?



I was on and had the same experience as the first. A lot of flirts and emails are fake and many of the other responses are from guys that are looking for sex tonight and not a relationship.


Cool I've been using for two months in Co. and have been both solicited and happy with this site. The editors wont post most of my pictures that are perfectly harmless on any other site. Yet they will post nude pictures of women doing spams from other countries. On the other hand, I have met quite a few real women that are looking for the same things in life as me... In short, it's a good site, but Wink "Be careful"


I did e mail a lady for a while who said she meet a guy on line (not the site i was one that we were chatting at).

She said singlesnet worked for her.

But again, the women seem to have the edge.

I don't induerstand this. there is about a 1 to 1 male to female ratio
Online it is like 10 men to 1 woman. Why the duifference

The 1 to 1 ratio is from US census date


I have been using SinglesNet for a couple of months now. I signed up for a 3-month paid subscription and won't be renewing. Much like a couple of other people here I have gone out with 3 different woman and been happy with the results. Also, like others have said it is hit or miss.

There is someone (or many) who are spamming the site with fake profiles targeting guys (the woman probably don't see this). They use pictures that look like they have been ripped off the net and post them on the site. They get you to start communication by email, which then leads to a "proposal" to go into a site that requires a username and password that they are "only" supplying to you. Of course the sites they are leading you to are porn sites. I notice that those profiles disappear quickly.

It is definitely "buyer beware" with SinglesNet. It would be better site if they controlled the content better.

Good luck!


I have no complaint about As a matter of fact I first signed up out of curiousity, and at the time feeling pretty lonely, decided to experiment with the site. After filling out the information. I surfed a little, reviewed a few matches...Then decided to log out... The next day I decided to log in, and found I had received quiet a few flirts..............I chatted with two or three gentlemen that were paid members..We had a few messages between the two of us.....The conversation consisted of general information. We talked about our likes and dislikes. Work and families. I feel I became friends with a few of them....
Approximately on the third day of visiting singlesnet, I received a flirt from a gentleman, from Western US. Me being from the South, neglected to respond to his flirt. Although, "Curiosity killed the Cat". I decided to message him back. I dont think I have ever enjoyed conversation with anyone any better than this guy. My feelings swayed back and forth. I never thought he would message me his phone number....I found him to be most handsome, his profile was actually short and sweet. I decided to give him a call..........We have talked on the phone just about every day.He makes me laugh, and our conversation are easy and fun. .I am very interested in this fellow......And I believe he is truly interested in me....He is planning to visit me in about a month...I hope a relationship will evolve from our friendship. I believe, there is someone for everyone, and men or woman were not meant to be alone... Honesty is the best policy, so my advise when filling out the information on dating sites, be true..................You never know what can happen..............
Thank you

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