Member Organized Dating Events Accessible again from POF

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  • Wednesday, November 27 2019 @ 09:32 am
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This is a continuation of our articles about Plenty of Fishes popular single events which are hosted by members. We initially looked at the POF Single Events App (which has since been removed) and the closure of the POF Forums where these events first was support.

These events first got started by users posting in the POF forum many years ago. Plenty of Fish took notice and added event specific categories to the forums and eventually added event features that allowed hosts to create an event and have members join those events. By 2017 POF wanted to move away from the forum (as it was becoming extremely difficult to moderate) and released a separate app that allowed members to find and host events. While the app initially worked well it was not supported much by the development team and was dropped from the app store within 2 years. It also didn't help that the forum continued to support the original POF events which we believe was separate from the POF Single Events App. This meant users looking for single events never really migrated from using the forums to the new app. Also, having 2 separate apps, 1 for dating and 1 for single events made it harder for new POF users to even know that single events hosted by POF members was even a thing.

When the POF forums this past summer, POF promised a new and improved event creation service. We thought this was going to be an update to the original POF Single Events App but this was not the case. We found that support for Single Events has been added directly into the dating site. At the time of writing this article we did not find any Event support in the POF dating app (either iOS or Android).

To find a list of Event locations near you, you will need to visit your Inbox. From there, scroll to the bottom and you will find a list of single events hosted by other POF members near your location:

Clicking on an event will bring up the event details and a description along with a list of who is attending. If you have any additional questions you can go ahead and visit the Event Host profile and message them directly. You can also join the event from this page as well

Local events can also be listed from the search as well by state/province.

On most of these pages you will also find a link to the POF Event Hosts Guidelines. This page includes rules for hosting and tips on how to make your event successful.

A link is also included to the official POF Event Moderator Natasha. This is an actual POF dating profile and allows you to get in contact with her by sending her a message if you have any questions about how these events work.

POF singles events hosted by members is still popular in some locations but not as much as it once was, thanks in part to how the events was handled over the last few years by POF. This could change though since including the events within the actual dating service will increase it's exposure greatly to other users who may not even know that these type of events exist.

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