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The Plenty of Fish Singles Events App

Update 2019-11-18: The POF Singles Events App has since been removed from Google Play.

We thought we would write about the POF Singles Event app after POF closed the forums at the beginning of the summer.

For the past number of years the forums were still being used by a lot of POF users as a way to organize single events. On the leadup to the closure, POF disabled regular forum posting in May. Users could still read all forum posts but that functionality would disappear by the end of June according to the message on the forums. For the forums, POF also still allowed Event Hosts to create and promote events while a promised new event creation service was being worked on. At first I though this might be something integrated into the website and existing POF dating apps. I then found the POF Singles Events app on both iTunes and Google Play and then realized they may be referring to this app.

It was about 7 weeks late but by August 23rd the POF forums were closed for good.


At this time we noticed that the POF Singles Event app available on iTunes was also missing. To this day you can only install the app if you have an Android device. Looking further into the app history you can see that it was released on March 15, 2017. This is over 2 years before the forum was closed so it is unclear if this is the app that POF said they where working on or it will be something brand new. The app itself also hasn't been updated recently with the last update happening October 1, 2018. Plus why remove the app from the Apple Store if it was going to be the improved events tool?

Anyways, enough musings and lets take a look at the POF Singles Events app. It currently has over 100,000 installs since it launched and has a 3.4 out of 5 star rating on Google Play. Unfortunately I see a lot of complaints in the reviews about trying to log into the app. Hmmm, I wonder why... It should work since it is listed on the app store, right?

I download and install the app. I open it up and see a login screen that allows me to login using my existing POF account (which is what Event Hosts must do) or use Facebook. The app also requires permissions to use my phone's location which I give. I then press the POF login button which takes me to a new screen which I assume would contain some fields to allow me to enter my POF login account information. Instead I get an error screen:

Web page not available
The web page at https://pofeventsapi.com/api/auth/pof could not be loaded because:


This basically means that the domain name (pofeventsapi.com) cannot be found or the information requested cannot be found on the server. So the app doesn't work... just great... why have the app on Google Play if it doesn't work? This doesn't look very good for POF.

According to the Google Play write up and the screen photos it looks like the POF Singles Events app offered a lot of good features. The app would allow you to find upcoming singles events near you. You can read up about these events and the type of singles they are meant to be for. You can see a list of other POF users (and view their POF profile) who are planning to attend the event and even read and post comments about the event to have any questions you may have answered. If you decide to attend an event it would even keep track of this in a calendar. Even before the event happens you can reach out to other attendees and message them directly. Event Hosts even use the app to create and manage their own events.

It's too bad that app doesn't seem to be supported anymore. I hope they fix this soon. Having an app which doesn't work just leads to frustration, creates a bad image, and poor customer service.

I hope this is the tool that POF plans to update and fix soon to replace the popular POF Single Events forum. If not they better pull it form the Play store like they did for the Apple store. Whatever happens we will have a news update about it when it occurs. For more information on the dating service itself, you can check out our POF app review.