Hinge’s New Marketing Campaign: “Designed to be Deleted”

  • Thursday, April 25 2019 @ 10:22 am
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Designed to be Deleted

Hinge has taken a bold new step in differentiating itself in a crowded dating app market. Its new branding campaign was just unveiled with the slogan “designed to be deleted,” assuring users of its intention: to help them find serious relationships and get off the app for good.

According to The Verge, Hinge has also debuted a new redesign to put this message front and center for users. The new profile creation process utilizes animation and prompts for users to add information about themselves, adding the tag at the end of each suggestion: “so you can delete us.”

Hinge’s design is very different from Tinder, both owned by parent company Match Group. Rather than swiping through images, Hinge users scroll through profiles, obtaining more insight for each match. There’s a lot of white space and a clean design so users can linger and like different aspects of one profile, and hopefully strike up more conversations. Facebook Dating also bypassed the swiping feature, considering it counterproductive for people seeking serious relationships.

“We felt like ‘designed to be deleted’ had an energy of positivity and optimism to it that the old design wasn’t living up to,” Tim MacGougan, chief product officer for Hinge told The Verge about the app’s new direction. “So the old design was communicating relationships, but in a way that was…a little bit more muted, and we thought that that was not the right way to foster authenticity and courage from people.”

Match Group has been acquiring dating apps in recent years, aiming to compete directly with Facebook Dating by offering more choices. The company has begun differentiating its brands – including Tinder, which is now focused on attracting younger daters who aren’t looking for serious relationships. Tinder’s campaign “Swipe Life” includes a lifestyle blog around the single life, sex and dating, and the app has also recently teamed with Snapchat to launch a new Stories feature on its platform.

From the beginning, Hinge has distinguished itself by focusing on young professionals in the market for a long-term relationship. The company has undergone a few redesigns (including this one) to entice a new market of daters who have grown weary of dating apps.

Hinge CEO Justin McLeod has also pointed out one of their celebrity successes as a case in point for skeptical daters: Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met his husband on Hinge.

“Some people are going to see our design and our brand, and they’re going to say, ‘This isn’t for me,’ and that’s great,” MacGougan told The Verge. “We really only want to be attracting people who want to meet somebody and delete dating apps.”

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