Hinge Launches New Marketing Campaign Encouraging Users to Delete It

  • Wednesday, August 28 2019 @ 03:49 pm
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Hingie - Hinges new Mascot

Hinge just launched a new international marketing campaign to double down on its new tagline – “designed to be deleted.”

The ads feature a furry and adorable mascot – Hingie – who appears when a young woman logs on to her Hinge account and begins messaging a new guy. Hingie continues to lurk in the vicinity as she goes on dates, enduring all sorts of tortures through their budding relationship until he’s no longer needed – he’s burnt by a candle, bitten by a dog, pummeled with arrows, and crushed by a fan.

When the couple find love and delete the app, Hingie explodes, leaving behind a flurry of little red and pink hearts.

Hinge CMO Nathan Roth is straightforward about the intention of the campaign. He told Marketing Week: “We’re bringing our app icon to life and having it die as couples hit it off. By doing that we are showing our users we truly want to find someone worth deleting the app for. Quite literally Hinge is dying for you to find love.”

Hinge has stayed true to marketing itself as the app for more serious daters since its inception, and it seems to be working. Earlier this year, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg announced that he’d met his husband Chasten over the app, causing a huge increase in users for Hinge along with some great publicity. In fact, Hinge is the fastest-growing dating app in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia, with its users setting up a date once every four seconds, with three out of four users interested in a second date according to Marketing Week.

Now, the app hopes to bring some humor and a positive focus to the dating process with its new ad campaign, appealing to frustrated daters. This is the first time Hinge has focused on video to portray its message.

Dating apps have an interesting dilemma – they want to be effective in finding people good matches, but they also want users to continue to log in and use the app, which means there isn’t much incentive for dating app companies to encourage users to spend more time offline (and dating). Hinge has made it the app’s mission to get people off the app and out into the world meeting people - and therefore accomplishing their goal of finding love.

“It’s quite common for apps to optimize for time in-app, whether it’s to maximize subscription or advertising revenue. We are purely focused on our users’ success and that’s helping them find someone worth deleting the app for. That’s our single focus,” Roth told Marketing Week.

The ads will appear on television and streaming sites including Hulu, following a trial using six-second ads. The campaign will also run on Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube, according to AdWeek. The UK Media ad run is still being negotiated.