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Facts Summary for Badoo

Badoo Trading Limited (Founder is Andrey Andreevh)
Moscow, Russia
Business Started:
Brands & Partnerships:
Badoo, Huggle
560 [2018 #3]
Main Service Areas:
Russia, Most of Europe, United States, Canada, Australia (190 countries)
Service Available Via:
Website, iOS and Android
Number of Members since Launch:
388 million [2018 #5]
Number of Active Members:
60 million [2016 #1]

Badoo History Summary

Badoo was launched in 2006 by Andrey Andreevh in Moscow, Russia. started off as a dating website but they soon also launched a Facebook app and thanks to some viral posts by 2012 had reached the rank of 17 of the most popular Facebook apps worldwide. In 2012 also officially launched it's website in the United States. Their iPhone app and then the Android app soon followed.

On the Badoo dating app or website users can create an account via their email address or Facebook account. Badoo is a freemium dating service which allows all users to use the basic features for free like reading and sending messages, searching for members, uploading photos and videos, and chatting (via Badoo Live). Like other dating apps Badoo also offers a swiping feature called Encounters. Swiping right on a photo expresses interest and if both members express interest, each will be notified. The paid upgrade options (which uses credits that members can purchase) gives members enhanced features, including getting priority display in Encounters, and being listed at the top of search results.

Badoo also has invested heavily in safe dating. Members and their photos are verified by a team of 5,000 moderators. Badoo also includes a selfie request button which can be used during chats to prove to the other member that they are the person in their photos.

Badoo Facts By Year


  • General Information
    • A study revealed that the Badoo dating app ranked highly everywhere but the United States. [1]
    • Badoo has acquired the dating app Huggle which launched in 2016. [2]
    • According to LinkedIn, Badoo has 560 employees. This has increased by over half since 2016. [3]
    • Badoo releases a study of 5,000 users to find out what profile photos work best for men and women. [4]
    • Badoo is dropping swipe feature and introducing live video between users this summer. [5]
    • Since launch Badoo has had 388 million users join their dating service. [5]
    • Badoo is testing a new feature in Europe (with plans to add it to the U.S. soon) that aims to curb Ghosting by prompting users about unanwsered messages. [6]


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  • General Information
    • Badoo launched a new search feature which uses facial recognition technology to match users with dates who look like their favorite celebrities. [1]
    • Lookalike celebrity feature which finds Badoo members who looks similar to a celebrity also allows you to upload a picture of your crush so you can find other similar looking people. [2]


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  • General Information
    • The Lulu dating app was acquired by Badoo. [1]
    • The founder of Lulu, Alexandra Chong has been named President of Badoo. [1]
    • Photo verification has been added to the new Badoo dating apps found on the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. New users are ask to submit a photo of themselves performing a specific gesture which then a moderator will compare with their other photos to confirm that the photo's are of the actual user. Over 5,000 moderators help in this process. [2]
    • Badoo Android reaches 100 million downloads. It is the first dating app to do so. [3]
    • The Badoo dating apps now allow members to upload 15 second videos. [4]
    • Badoo adds a new selfie safety feature which allows a woman to ask a man to send them a selfie after the man initiates a conversation. This is to help prevent catfishing (from people using other peoples photos). [5]
  • Members
    • Badoo currently has 300 million users in 190 countries from around the world. [1]
    • Badoo has 60 million monthly active users who on average spends 1.8 hours on Badoo per day. [1]
    • Badoo has 400,000 signups every day which happens mostly in Europe and South America. [2]


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  • Finances
    • Badoo may have an IPO in the works. They have hired Goldman Sachs Group as an advisor. [1]
  • Members
    • Badoo now has signed up over 200 million people worldwide. 25 million of the members are active on the dating site. [1]
    • Badoo has the most traffic of all the dating sites according to ComScore. [1]
    • Badoo is most popular in Europe and Latin America. [1]


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  • General Information
    • Badoo has mobile dating apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. [1]
  • Finances
    • Baddo revenue is $150 million annually and claims to being profitable for the last 2 years. [1]
  • Members
    • Badoo has 140 million members worldwide and is growing at 150 thousand members a day. They have 35 million active members every month. [1]
    • 12 percent of Badoo members have found a serious relationship, with 2 percent of those having eventually married. [1]


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