Badoo Launches New Feature to Curb Ghosting

  • Monday, October 29 2018 @ 11:13 am
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 Badoo adds and anti Ghosting feature

Badoo announced the launch of a new feature that the dating app company says will curb ghosting.

The feature offers pre-existing responses to users who might have ghosted their matches. For example, if you haven’t responded in three days to a match’s message, you’ll get a gentle nudge with offers of what to say, depending on whether you want to meet the person or just move on. Badoo wants to improve the online dating experience by encouraging users to be more communicative with their matches.

The responses Badoo offers vary. If a user is interested in a date, they can choose: "Hey, sorry for the late reply. When are you free to meet?" If a user is not that into a match, then they can choose, "Hey I think you're great, but I don't see us as a match. Take care!"

The new feature is currently being tested in Europe and is expected to launch in the U.S. next year.

Ghosting, where one person completely ceases communication with another without explanation, has become a huge problem in the online dating world. Plenty of Fish surveyed its users and found that 78% admitted to being ghosted at least once. Many online daters feel that this bad behavior turns them off of online dating altogether, and gives them less confidence that they’ll meet someone with long-term potential over a dating app. This has sounded the alarm in the online dating industry, where customers are becoming less enamored of endlessly swiping and long for better results.

More and more dating apps are offering features that not only make their apps more interesting and relevant but address these types of bad dating behavior. Dating app Hinge recently launched a feature called “We Met” that encourages users to meet their matches in real life and report back how the date went. Hinge wants to offer better matches, but they also want to cultivate an online dating experience that appeals to the masses who use dating apps to find a long-term partner, not just a hook-up.

The goal for Badoo’s new feature is to get more people off the app and meeting in real life, instead of endlessly messaging and then disappearing without explanation. With dating apps, it’s easy to forget or ignore online matches and move on to the next, which is why the behavior has become so pervasive. Some people don’t feel comfortable letting their matches know they aren’t interested, so Badoo thinks the text prompts are a way to address this problem, too.

The feature isn’t a panacea for the ghosting problem, but at least by encouraging communication, it’s a step in the right direction. For more on this dating service you can read our review of Badoo.