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Match.com Launches Facebook’s First Chatbot ‘Dating Coach’

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Match.com Chatbot Laura

In Her, Spike Jonze's 2013 romantic science fiction film, a man falls in love with an intelligent computer operating system voiced by Scarlett Johansson. The concept is futuristic, but feels increasingly less so by the day. With the introduction of Lara, a new Facebook chatbot from Match.com, the reality of Her is closer than ever.

Lara is designed to help singletons navigate the tricky world of dating in the digital age. Via the Facebook Messenger app, the bot uses contextual understanding and speech recognition to provide advice and guidance.

"Throughout a casual conversation, Lara will ask for some personal details, including age, location and sexual preference before inviting users to set up a Match account, all without leaving Messenger," explained Match.com in a press release.

Happn Testing Subscriptions, Artificial Intelligence, And A Redesign

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As we close out the first quarter of 2017, Happn has big plans to drive growth during the remainder of the year.

CEO Didier Rappaport told Business Insider that the company is working on a “new business model” that adds subscriptions to the service. Though the subscription model is still being tested, the tentative plan is to remove the ads (which currently fund the company) for users with paid accounts.

Since launching three years ago, Happn has built a user base of 25 million people. However, the company has yet to become profitable, and that’s its chief goal for 2017.

Tinder to Launch new Desktop Platform Tinder Online

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The company that popularized mobile dating has now announced the launch of a new desktop platform for its service, dubbed Tinder Online.

Tinder Online takes an old-school approach to online dating with its latest offering, a web-optimized version of its app that is more reminiscent of its predecessor's desktop applications, a la Match and eHarmony. Tinder’s new platform requires the same login process of signing up with your Facebook account, but currently it is only offering the free basic service. Tinder Online doesn’t include certain revenue features like “Super like” and “Tinder Boost,” so it’s not yet clear how Tinder will try and monetize the new platform.

According to Tinder’s blog, the move was aimed at serving users who were struggling with the app’s storage and WiFi capabilities:

Ever Wondered How Much Singles Spend On Dating? Here’s The Answer

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Singles may be increasingly willing to split the check on dates, but searching for love remains a pricey endeavor. A coffee here, dinner there, drinks afterwards, a movie on weekends… it all adds up, but to how much?

According to Match.com’s ‘Singles in America’ study, an annual survey of 5,000 singles around the United States, the average unmarried American spent $1,596 on their dating life in 2016. In major cities, that average is higher. In New York City, for instance, it’s $2,069.

The average includes the things you’d expect - the aforementioned bar tabs and dinners - as well as dating site memberships and matchmakers, and entry fees for dating events. It also includes tangential purchases like haircuts, manicures, and new date outfits.

Dating Apps Focus on in-Person Connections

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Online dating has become more accessible than ever, but unfortunately, it’s also created a culture of ghosting and messaging among users that often doesn't lead to an actual date. Apps like Tinder made online dating easy and fun, but many daters have become frustrated with the game-like interface and the lack of any real connection with other daters. Many apps are trying to address this pain point by helping daters meet in person more quickly, which is key to forming romantic connections.

Dating app Stay launched last month in the iTunes store (called "Stay Dating" on iTunes) with a focus on in-person connections. The company encourages all matches to schedule dates; it's built into the app’s functionality.

With Stay, users can’t message right away, eliminating the ghosting problem that is so problematic with other dating apps. Users can only suggest times and potential locations to matches to set up a date. Once scheduled, users can start messaging (but only 24 hours before the date). If a user cancels the date or fails to show and gets reported, that user is blocked from viewing matches over the next 24 hours.

Tinder Testing a New Feature to Encourage Meeting Up

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Tinders Matches Up For

Dating app giant Tinder is rolling out more options, testing a new feature to help its users better connect – this time spontaneously and in-person. The new feature dubbed “Matches Up For” allows users to set a status of what they are interested in doing that night, and see who from their matches is available to meet.

Matches Up For is intended to encourage users to connect in person. Tinder has been criticized for its “game-like” premise, and users have become frustrated with the flaky behavior of other app users. (Messaging with matches on Tinder often doesn’t lead to a date.) While Tinder still has the largest pool of singles among the many dating apps on the market, new apps are offering more relationship-focused features that encourage real-life connections, something Tinder users feel is lacking.

With Tinder’s new feature, users can let potential matches know if they are free that night, and can choose from a list of activities they’d be interested in doing.