2019 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Match System

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2019 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Match System

eHarmony is the recipient of the Editor's Top Pick - Match System award for 2019. This dating service is accessible from their website and dating apps (on iOS and Android) and is one of the premier services known for their automated matchmaking system. They have never waivered from their core principles in matching in almost the 20 years that they have been in business. They believe in their service and that is why they offer a 3 month guarantee that you will find your match.

Bumble Partners with Serena Williams to Debut Ad Campaign During Superbowl

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Bumble CEO and Serena Williams

Star athlete Serena Williams is making her next move as Bumble’s global advisor. The company announced that its new ad campaign featuring the award-winning tennis champion will debut during this year’s Super Bowl.

The theme of the campaign is in line with Bumble’s female-friendly focus, called “The Ball is in Her Court.” It will feature Williams making the first move in every aspect of life: dating, friendship, and business, according to the release, according to AdWeek.

Partnering with a high-profile, empowered female is a consistent reflection of the Bumble brand. In its press release, Bumble stated that Williams’ role will include enforcing Bumble’s “mission to end misogyny and empower women around the world.”

Dating’s High Season Begins Sunday January 6th In Countdown to Valentine’s Day

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Sunday January 6th is the busiest day of online dating’s high season, with many people downloading apps and swiping right, hoping to find love in the cold winter months, also known as “cuffing season.”

More people are also motivated to find love thanks to New Year’s resolutions (and the cold weather). With the holidays behind us, January is the perfect time to adopt new habits, including trying a new dating app or rejoining one you’ve used before.

Research has shown over the years that the first Sunday of January is generally the best time to download a dating app and start swiping. Most apps have reported a surge in activity on this particular day, as well as generally increased activity during the month of January through February 14th.

Experts Predict What Dating Will Look Like In 2019

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With 2018 in the rearview mirror, dating experts are sharing their predictions for the year that lies ahead. What trends can singles look forward to? How will the online dating industry progress in 2019? Here’s what experts think the new year has in store.

Singles Will Embrace ‘Old-Fashioned’ Dating

Dating is headed back to basics says emotional wellness expert Dr. Natasha Sharma. “People are ready to start ditching the shallow, so-many-choices approach to dating, and move back to more ‘older-fashioned’ ways and alternative ways of meeting people,” she told Global News.

Data from Zoosk backs up Sharma’s prediction. A survey found that online daters were considered more old-fashioned in 2018, and that users who described themselves as old-fashioned in their profiles received 16 percent more messages than those who didn’t. The survey also found a majority of singles still consider holding a door open for someone and paying for the first date to be romantic gestures.

What Science Taught Us About Sex, Dating And Relationships In 2018

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Love is one of life’s most inscrutable experiences, but that hasn’t stopped scientists from trying to solve its mysteries. With each study that’s conducted, we get closer to understanding love, sex, dating, relationships and breakups - and knowledge, as they say, is power. Here are some of the insightful and interesting findings scientists shared about these topics in 2018.

People Aspire To Date Partners Who Are Out Of Their League

One of the year’s most viral studies revealed that the majority of singles who use online dating services tend to message people exactly 25 percent more desirable than they are. The study also found that singles switch up their messaging strategies based on their target’s desirability and that, though the odds of winning over a match who is out of your league may seem slim, it’s not a hopeless cause if you’re willing to make an effort.

Match updates Website and Dating Apps

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In late 2018 Match did a major update for both their website and dating apps (iOS and Android). They dropped a number of features and made the navigation simpler to use. In a sense Match has gone back to the basics of online dating, offering only the key features needed to search, match and message.

The apps and website more closely mirror each other now with this new version in terms of design and features. One of the main things you will notice when you first launch the new app or log into the website is the updated color pallet. Gone are the washed out darker blues. In its place you have a much more vibrant blues. This makes things pop more on the screen. Profiles also stand out more in searching and matching as they appear on screen larger. Other changes include: