Plenty of Fish Study Reveals Pressure Points in Modern Dating Scene

POF (Plenty of Fish)
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A study of the Pressures of Dating

A new study called "Pressure Points Study 2019" by popular dating app Plenty of Fish revealed that modern dating has become a source of pressure and anxiety for many people. They also found that while daters crave authenticity, they also embellish their own profiles to attract more dates.

In a survey of about 2,000 singles, Plenty of Fish set out to find what singles wanted from their dating apps.

First date jitters are a big concern among daters, especially women, with only 22 percent saying they weren’t concerned, but the vast majority saying they worried about how they come across to their dates. Forty percent of all singles were worried if they were interesting enough, 16 percent were concerned about whether they talked enough, and 12 percent worried if they were considered “fun.”

New Dating Platform S’More Prioritizes Personality Over Looks

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Adam Cohen-Aslatei, the former Managing Director of gay dating app Chappy, believes today’s singles are looking for “something more” than mindless swiping and superficial, appearance-focused dating platforms. That’s where S’More comes in. Cohen-Aslatei’s new dating app is designed to prioritize getting to know someone before deciding if you’re interested in them — and before you’ve even seen what they look like.

“Ten years ago, casual dating apps made it easy to find people nearby and the hook-up culture was born,” said Cohen-Aslatei. “Then came the second generation of dating apps with a lifestyles appeal, still for casual connections. However, most of the apps were still based on a ‘Hot or Not’ game, and while fun, left the majority of people hopelessly single. A reliance on dating the perfect selfie hasn’t worked, and today millenials are transitioning to relationships apps that focus on getting to know the whole person, which is critical when you’re looking for a relationship.”

Tinder Releases 2019 Year In Swipe Report

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Tinder's Year in Swipe Review
Tinder's Year in Swipe Review
Image: Tinder

Tinder has published its second annual ‘Year In Swipe’ review, a roundup of the biggest trends that unfolded on the dating platform in 2019. Last year’s 2018 Year In Swipe identified Monday as the best day to be on the app, August as the hottest month of the year for singles and music festivals, royal weddings and sporting events as popular times for users to log in. This year, the report focused on the dating habits of Gen Z.

People under 25 now make up the majority of the Tinder community. According to the 2019 Year In Swipe, this generation is out to change the world. Younger users are more likely to mention causes or missions in their bios. Subjects like “climate change,” “social justice,” “the environment” and “gun control” top the list of concerns for Gen Z. Millennials, in contrast, are looking to connect over adventure — they’re 3x more likely to talk about about travel in their bios.

Harvard Geneticist Aims to Build Controversial Dating App

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Harvard Geneticist George Church
Harvard Geneticist George Church

Harvard Geneticist George Church, known for his work on reversing aging, has now turned his efforts to building a dating app that eliminates diseases by matching partners based on DNA compatibility. It works like this: when two users have a low likelihood of passing diseases onto their children, they’ll be matched.

The move has drawn a lot of controversy, namely because of its nod towards eugenics, or “good birth,” an idea popularized under Nazi Germany in the 1930s to eliminate “bad genes” through selective breeding. Church however, argues that the goal is to eliminate disease by pairing people who have the least amount of risk of creating offspring with illnesses or disabilities.

Should Dating Apps Be Required to Conduct Background Checks?

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Should Dating Apps do Background Checks?

A revealing report published by ProPublica found that Match Group did not conduct background checks on users of their popular free platforms, including Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid, leaving their members vulnerable to sexual assault.

Columbia Journalism Investigations analyzed more than 150 incidents of sexual assault among people who met through dating apps over the last decade, ProPublica reported. Most met their matches through Match Group apps. The researchers discovered that registered sex offenders were using Match Group apps like Tinder and went on dates with women who had no idea, because while Match Group conducts background checks for paid apps like Match, they don’t for their free apps.

Eric Eichmann Named CEO of Spark Networks

Spark Networks
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New Spark Networks CEO Erich Eichmann  is on the left beside board director Jeronimo Folgueira
Image: Business Wire

Spark Networks announced that Eric Eichmann will take over as CEO of Spark Networks, replacing Jeronimo Folgueira.

“I could not be more excited to join Spark at this time,” Eichmann said in a statement, published in Yahoo! Finance News. “Spark has a tremendous brand portfolio to help people find love across the globe…I look forward to working with the great team at Spark and leading the next chapter of its development.”