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Is worth joining? Does it work?


I have a free account and I have in my opinion created a compelling profile and have uploaded 6 good quality photos. I can't send any messages until I pay for a membership though. I like the features of the site and the searching works well. I have bookmarked several members I would like to message.

Is worth joining?

If I contact these members I like with a though provoking email will they contact me back?

It is cheaper to join for several months at a time instead of just one. How many months should I join for? What is the average amount of time needed before you find someone on a dating site like

I know this is a lot of questions but I always do a bit of research before I join anything. Big Grin


No. I had a non-paid account for a year. Toward the end of that year, I found several women that interested me, so I signed up for a three month membership. Several profiles which I had liked and saved on my favorites list vanished immediately. At first, I selectively emailed women. Every single one had an excuse for why I wasn't a match. One said that she was now engaged and had "forgotten" about the account, yet she had been active on it until then. At least she responded.

During my membership, I started seeing a pattern on accounts coming and going, including the one that interested me, and how they were written. There was also a pattern at home towns which made no sense; in one case, the town's name had been changed and they used the former name from an obviously older map. In other cases, details were blatantly wrong (one said they didn't eat pork for religious reasons, but their stated religion was not one that prohibits any food, let alone pork)--I believe most the profiles were written overseas using Wikipedia, old atlases and other.

So, I started emailing almost every match. Not only did I not get a reply, the majority became disabled by the next day; one within the hour.

My conclusion is that is a scam; well over 80% of the profiles are fake and/or reactivated cancelled accounts.


Personally for me it was. Met a lot of women there. And one very special one whom I married.

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Yes its a good and a genuine website.Personally speaking, I have a met a lot of good men through who were truly gentlemen. Spent a real good time with them.


Not worth it at others stated, most of the women's profiles are fake and just put there to get us guys to spend money on the site. Of the ones that are real, they are usually piggos that are using pictures from when they were in high school or someone else. I guess they figure a guy will fall in love with the personality and then later overlook the filthy smelly whale of a body that they have. Most of the dating sites are all the same as this one. Hell, one "person" I actually met from Match turned out to be a guy. No thanks to the sausage! I only have two things to say to Match......SUCK IT!


Coming from someone that has spent the past 15 or so years off and on web dating sites, match seemed to be another site that gets flooded with fake profiles in lump lots. There are real girls on there, I met a few, but in general its hit or miss pending what your after. I was on there a full year having not met a single person in the first six months, so the next six months was free. Thats right, not a single meet in six months. By no means am I a hideous chud (in fact I was a model and am still in very good shape) but again, zero meet ups in the first six months. I am very keen in weeding out fakes and still see the old pictures and recycled profiles from 15 years ago being used regularly. Like any online dating site expectations are set very high on both sides as it always comes down to what is seen in a couple select pictures. It seems on the side of the girls, expectations are set so high that Mr Perfect wont get a reply. The way I ended up getting replies from girls I was interested is was by humor. If two people dont share the same sense of humor, it just wont click.
I should also add many of the fake profiles were easy to spot as a majority of the pictures were used on zoosk which is a whole other can of worms website.

Match like any other date site has a host of fake profiles, but it is indeed full of real profiles just the same. Just keep in mind these girls seem to have some higher mind set expectation.

Taken advantage

Match is the biggest pool of scam in the world...... Don't trust any of it!!!!!!


no ...........a big load of scam shite site ,full of Nigerians and Ghananas using photos of women and men to scam innocent punters out of large sums of cash ,if they can ,so you can waste weeks and months chatting with fakes

Former match user

Match is one of the world's biggest lies ever known! If you do have any money left??? Save it!!! This site is FULL of people trying to take your money!!!! And match does nothing to protect against it!!!



it works for scammers and fraudsters

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