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Well, eHarmony's new TV Commercial seems to be doing the trick. The eHarmony review has become the most popular on this web site. The commercial shows them in a very professional matter which I think is reflected in their web site as well.

To read the review: eHarmony Review

Check out the new Site Help Section

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I have just added a new Section called Site Help to the web site. If you are unsure what this web site is about, visit here first.

In the Site Help section I explain how this site is best used by someone looking to join an Online Dating Web Site but not sure which one. There is also a guideline on how a Dating Site Review is created. Other topics will be covered in the future.

Come check Site Help out under Sections in the left column menu.

Coming Soon....

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Everything is finally up and running after moving to our new server. I am in the process now of reviewing several Online Dating Services that were recommended to me. The reviews should be up soon.

If anyone has any recommendations for reviews of any match making, dating or personals internet sites they would like to see or any changes they would like to see to this site please post a comment on this story.