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Self-Match is a web-based partner compatibility application. It allows prospective partners to explore their compatibility by comparing their responses to the matching custom-built surveys. When partners use Self-Match in the initial stages of their relationships, they can make their own decisions regarding their compatibility and choose to date only highly compatible partners.

Self-Match is recommended for people dating online as a means of narrowing down the partner choices provided by dating sites and figuring out which potential partners they should date. The application can also be successfully used by partners who have started dating but have doubts about continuing the relationship. Committed couples may use the service to spice up their relationship, to boost communication, or to figure out the source of conflict in the relationship.

Positives of Self-Match

  • Puts partners in control of the matching process
  • Reduces the time partners need to learn more about each other
  • Allows for objective compatibility research that can be customized in many ways
  • Helps partners to spot red-flags and potential areas of conflict
  • Provides an easy way for making decisions regarding partner’s suitability by calculating a TrueMatch score and comparing it to the scores of other partners
  • Boosts communication between current or potential partners
  • Offers convenience of managing data for multiple partners

Negatives of Self-Match

  • Compiling surveys may require extended time depending on how thoughtful the user intends to be during the process
  • All the calculations regarding compatibility are subjective, or based on the user perceptions, and are not the result of exact science
  • Some questions may be culturally biased reflecting the values of the western world
  • Self-Match is currently available only in English

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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, International
From $4.99 / month (or $0.99 / survey)

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How it Works

The application works by comparing double-blinded responses to the matching custom surveys.

Self-Match allows its users to create custom surveys from the questions available in its Question Bank. The Question Bank has fourteen categories of questions with the total number of more than 300 multiple choice questions. The registered user, who creates a survey, can send the survey to his/her partner after providing the responses. The partner will receive an email from Self-Match with the link to take the survey and the message from the sender. After the partner takes the survey, s/he can view the Compatibility Report showing responses side-by-side and the percentage of the matching responses. The user, who sent the survey, receives the notification that the partner has taken the survey and can also view the Compatibility Report after logging into Self-Match.

For convenience, Self-Match members can save their surveys for future use either with or without their responses. They can also add questions that they like to their Favorites and quickly add them to their new surveys.

Both partners can upload their photos that will show side-by-side on their Compatibility Reports and on the member’s dashboard.

Self-Match has a Partner Management module with the TrueMatch Score Calculator. After a new partner responds to a survey, his or her profile is added to the member’s dashboard with the link to Compatibility Report(s) and the TrueMatch Score Calculator (TMSC). TMSC is a useful feature that allows users to assign a numeric score to each partner and, thus, rank multiple partners from most compatible to least compatible. TrueMatch score is the ratio of Pros and Cons for a specific partner. To get the TrueMatch score calculated, the user rates each response as Positive or Negative and assigns an importance value to each response on the scale from 1 to 10. The application calculates the total number of points in each category and then divides the total positive scores by the total negative scores. The TrueMatch score can be updated each time the partner provides new responses to the new survey questions. The member can also add open entry observations, mark them as positive or negative and assign the importance value to them. This allows the user to consider factors like appearance, job, age, or distance while calculating the TrueMatch score. There is no limit to how many responses or open entries can be added to each partner’s TMSC.

Self-Match Dashboard

Any visitor to Self-Match may browse the Question Bank to review the questions. Besides, both visitors and members are encouraged to submit their own questions that can be added to Self-Match Question Bank after review.

Self-Match is user-friendly and offers instructional videos on how to create custom surveys and use the TrueMatch Score Calculator.

Self-Match Costs

  • Prices last confirmed April 3, 2017. Please check Self-Match for most recent pricing. All prices in USD unless specified otherwise. Prices may differ based on location, time of purchase, or access point (this can include device used and/or if accessed from a website or app)
  • Self-Match offers a 7-day free Platinum Membership trial
  • Pay Per Survey
    • $0.99 for a simple survey up to 15 questions from limited categories, and $2.99 for an advanced survey with unlimited questions from all categories with TMSC
  • Gold Membership
    • Unlimited surveys with unlimited number of questions from limited categories
    • Costs $4.99 per month
  • Platinum Membership
    • Unlimited surveys with unlimited number of questions from all categories with TMSC (TrueMatch Score Calculator)
    • Costs $9.99 per month

Other Self-Match Information

  • Self-Match to be an additional tool to help you narrow down your choices from a dating service and find the one who is truly right for you.

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