Dating Sites Reviews Welcomes Moxie

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We would like to welcome Moxie as a new contributor here at She has been writing her own online dating and sex advice column called "And That's Why You're Single" for over 5 years now and has shown she has valuable insight on relationships and what makes men and women tick. You can now expect to find Moxie offering the same valuable advice and tips here, which can be used to help you with dating, both online and off.

To find out more about our fourth writer, Moxie, visit her Bio page. You may also use this form to contact her, if you wish to ask her questions or to suggest a topic for her next article.


Updated Rating & Review System

General News
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We have just completed a first in a series of updates to the user rating and review system here at The major new component in this update is each user review will have its own page (instead of having 6 per page as before). This change also allowed us to enable comments on reviews. If you liked or disliked what someone said about a dating site or service you now have the option to comment on that individual review.

We have also reduced the content on the review summary pages to include just the basic information for each review. Visitors will now need to click the review title or the "Read the full review" link to view the entire review, which includes the full rating, the positive, negative and bottom line bullet points, and the entire review text.

Stay tuned for more changes to come...

Update - 2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards

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Here is a quick update for the 2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards. We are now busy with the write ups for each category of the Awards. First up this week will be the 2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Over All. Expect to see 2 or 3 Award articles released every week with the final being the Single's Choice Award, our top Award that is voted on by you.

We currently have 641 votes cast in our Single's Choice Award. To participate in the poll which will decide the best free and paid dating site in 2009, cast your vote now right here.

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Update: Our first Award is in! Check out Awards Topic for more details.

eHarmony's Last Free Communication Weekend for 2009

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eHarmony is having a free communication weekend (FCW) starting Wednesday December 30th, 2009 and ending Sunday January 3rd, 2010. This is a special holiday event and it has been extended to 5 days (most FCW are 3 days long).

What does a free communication weekend mean? It allows members from eHarmony to be able to review their matches and communicate with them for free through the 4 stage communication process. All members can be contacted and I would expect eHarmony to be extra busy during this timeframe as most singles will be on vacation for the Holidays. If you join eHarmony during the first day (Wednesday) of the FCW, who knows, maybe you will have enough time to meet your match on New Years Eve.

The last free communication event occurred mid November, just over 4 weeks ago (see [story: eHarmony-is-Free-for-the-next-5-Days Story]). This is Free Communication Weekend number 22 for eHarmony here in the US.

Check out our review of eHarmony for more information on the dating site.

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United Kingdom Flag Singles interested in the United Kingdom Free Communication Weekend, read this News Story. Now

Spark Networks
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I received a bit of surprise this morning when I read the following email from a reader:


I was wanting to join but cannot get to the site no matter how I try......

through your website or any other way. I keep getting sent to the dating site.

It is like they have high jacked their website address. Can you tell me what is going on?

Thank You

First of all, don't worry the domain did not get high jacked. It looks like a number of the Spark Network dating sites, including and, got rebranded and combined into a new dating site called

Dating Sites Reviews Welcomes our Third Writer

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Jet is our third contributor here at She helps people write profiles by day and blogs by night. Luckily we were able to convince her to write for us here. Expect to see Jet put her own spin on the dating world and offer her own opinions, advice and tips.

To find out more about Jet, visit her Bio page. You can use this form to contact Jet and ask her questions or to suggest a topic for her next article.

Welcome, and thanks for contributing Jet.