OkCupid Partners With ACLU For #RightToLove Campaign

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OkCupid Right To Love Badge
Image: OkCupid

Dating experts have long cautioned against discussing controversial subjects like politics on the first date, but a new partnership between OkCupid and the American Civil Liberties Union puts politics front and center in honor of Pride Month.

The dating service is introducing an ACLU #RightToLove profile badge to help users meet other members who support the non-profit. The badge will be displayed on the profile of every OkCupid user who publicly responds “yes” to the question “Do you support the ACLU?” For every user who receives the badge, OkCupid will donate $1 towards the ACLU (up to $50,000).

According to an OkCupid blog post, ninety percent of users who answered the question said yes — one of the highest agreement percentages across all of OkCupid’s iconic questions.

“It’s not surprising that so many of our users support the ACLU,” says the blog. “First, the non-profit does amazing work to protect all individuals’ civil rights — fighting for LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and the rights of those who are incarcerated, to just name a few.”

“Secondly,” the post continues, “in today’s political climate, people care more about their dates sharing their political and social beliefs than ever before; our data shows that differing beliefs on both are the biggest dating deal breakers today.”

OkCupid has seen an unprecedented spike in daters using politics to find their match. There has been a 64% increase in political terms in daters' profiles in 2018. The political search filters have been used over 5 million times. Profiles that talk about politics are 52% more likely to have mutual likes and 78% more likely to have a successful conversation than members who do not.

The #RightToLove profile badge will inform the OkCupid matching algorithm and help users connect over what’s important to them, making it easier to spot like-minded individuals and start a conversation over shared interests.

"We're so excited that OkCupid users now have a way to show support for the ACLU and to stand up for the right to love who you want," says Michele Moore, ACLU chief communications officer. "There is a special connection people experience when they make a commitment to fight for the rights of others, especially our most vulnerable communities. Through OkCupid, now there's a new way for people with common values to connect and help the work of the ACLU."

Ariel Charytan, Chief Executive Officer, OkCupid says, "At OkCupid, we're proud to be a champion of inclusivity because we believe you should be able to love whomever you want, regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Nothing is more attractive than people who believe in every individual's #RightToLove who they want to love."

The ACLU badge will appear on OkCupid profiles through the end of the summer. For more informaiton on this dating service you can read our OkCupid review.