Responds To FTC Lawsuit And Fraud Allegations
  • Thursday, October 17 2019 @ 11:21 am
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  • Views: 163 released an official statement regarding the Federal Trade Commission’s allegations that the dating service exposed consumers to the risk of fraud and engaged in other deceptive and unfair business practices.

In a lawsuit filed in the Northern District of Texas, the FTC alleges that Match used fake notifications to trick users into upgrading to premium subscriptions and that the company deceived consumers by failing to provide clear disclosures and cancellation practices. Match has denied the allegations, claiming that the issues pointed out by the FTC have “either been taken grossly out of context or permanently eliminated by Match.”

In the statement, Match says:

For nearly 25 years Match has been focused on helping people find love, and fighting the criminals that try to take advantage of users. We’ve developed industry leading tools and AI that block 96% of bots and fake accounts from our site within a day and are relentless in our pursuit to rid our site of these malicious accounts. The FTC has misrepresented internal emails and relied on cherry-picked data to make outrageous claims and we intend to vigorously defend ourselves against these claims in court.

Match released a second statement containing a lengthy defense of the company’s approach to fraud protection and customer service. In it, Match claims to catch 85% of potentially fraudulent accounts within the first four hours of their creation, often before the profiles are active on the site. The statement also accuses the FTC mislabeling accounts as “fraudulent” and “romance scams” when they are in fact spam, bots, and other users attempting to use the service for their own commercial purposes. Match says it has modified its systems to make it more difficult for bots and scammers to contact users.

In the days since the FTC filed its lawsuit and Match issued its response, a law firm has published a statement seeking a lead plaintiff for a class action lawsuit against Match Group. Investors who purchased Match Group securities between August 6, 2019 and September 25, 2019 are encouraged to contact the shareholder rights team of Thornton Law Firm if they are interested in taking part in the lawsuit.

Multiple other law firms -- Pomerantz LLP, The Schall Law, Faruqi & Faruqi, Brodsky & Smith, Glancy Prongay & Murray LLP and the Law Offices of Howard G. Smith -- including have also released statements announcing that they are investigating claims on behalf of investors of Match Group.