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On Tuesday, was sued in New York federal court by Sean McGinn for $5 million. This New York man alleges deceives its members by posting profiles of dates who cannot respond to communication requests, since they have not paid for a subscription. McGinn attorney, Noah Hart says people leave the dating site feeling completely "ignored and rejected" since no one replies to their emails. Hart is hoping to turn this suit into a class action.

Online dating sites have been sued a number of times lately. eHarmony has been sued at least twice, over gay rights issues (see Story) and in March was forced to pay a $1.5 million settlement in regards to their auto billing and renewal practices of memberships (see Story).

Does hide the fact that not all members can contact a paid member? The short answer is No. When you visit the subscription page to pay for a membership (click on subscribe in the main menu) the information is found right under the subscription costs chart in a table which shows what subscribers can do when compared to members. Only subscriber is checked off for "Send & receive email messages" and "Respond to email messages". The auto renew membership information is also found here on this page as well under the chart on what subscriber benefits are. The information could of course be made more predominate, but it is in no way hidden.

While Match does inform it's members on who can communicate and when, that is not to say, I agree with online dating sites only allowing paid subscribers to contact and reply to each other. What needs to be done and what actually already has started to happen on a number of sites, is to allow free members to reply to any message from a paid member. A free member just cannot initiate a conversation. This way a paid subscriber knows anyone they contact can reply without first having to spend money. Even is testing this new idea with the Platinum membership package which we first talked about in January (see Story). Currently a Platinum subscription is only available in test markets, but we hope soon to see it available all over North America

For the full story, read NY man sues dating website for deception at Reuters. For more information on this dating site, check out our review.