6 Exclusive Dating Apps For Elite Singles Only

  • Saturday, March 19 2016 @ 10:46 am
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Exclusive Dating Apps

In the days before online dating became the go-to method of finding love, our efforts were confined to more analog approaches. One-off hookups were found at bars as “Last call!” was announced. Blind dates were arranged by friends and family. High-status singles met at professional events and private clubs.

These days, the dating landscape is drastically different. Those same high-status singles no longer mingle behind velvet ropes. Instead, there's an app for that. Young professionals looking for suitable mates now flock to dating services that cater to an exclusive clientele. Don't meet their standards and you won't be granted entry.

Wondering how high society dates? Here's where the elite look for love:

  1. The League: The League syncs with Facebook and LinkedIn to ensure its members are intelligent, ambitious, and career-oriented. All potential users are screened and accepted (or rejected) based on their education and professional history. Successful applicants are drafted into The League and receive five new matches every day at 5pm – aka “happy hour.”
  2. Luxy: Luxy has been called both “the Tinder app for snobs” and “Tinder, minus the poor people.” The dating platform focuses on wealthy individuals seeking companionship with other high caliber singles – think CEOs, athletes, investors, and actors. Current members have the power to vote new users in or out. Those who are aren't deemed successful or attractive enough get the boot.
  3. Raya: The most hush-hush app on the list is Raya, a service New York magazine called “Illuminati Tinder.” The userbase includes Internet celebrities, Hollywood stars, models, pro athletes, fashion designers, and musicians – all of whom have been selected by a secretive, anonymous committee. You'll rarely see Raya mentioned in the press. To keep the famous names of its members under wraps, Raya flies almost totally under the radar.
  4. Sparkology: Sparkology bills itself as “a curated dating experience for young professionals.” Members may join only via invitation from the company or referral from a current member, and men must be verified graduates of top universities. The luxury app also provides a concierge service to ensure your experience is top notch.
  5. Hanky: Call it, as NewNowNext did, the “Mean Girls of gay hook-up apps.” Prospective Hanky members must be invited by a pre-existing user or be voted in by a panel of 3 verified members. Co-founder Jonas Cronfeld says that Hanky's quality-over-quantity approach means 8 out of 10 applicants are rejected in hopes of getting more “more sexy” users.
  6. The Inner Circle: The name says it all. The Inner Circle operates by a strict invite-only policy to maintain its "exclusive community of inspiring singles." The company also hosts private events in world class venues around the globe, so its elite clientele can mix and mingle in person.