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Ideal for younger singles who are not serious about finding a long-term relationship at the moment but are looking to meet fun new people. was launched in 1997 and was purchased by the owners of in 2010.

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Looking For: Dating, Friends

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I just notice that both and have been closed. Both redirect to

In 2008 SinglesNet was one of the most popular dating services. In February 2010 acquired SinglesNet for an undisclosed sum. Since then it has been a slow sinking ship. didn't change much when they purchased the dating site and it suffered for it. Last summer SinglesNet was relaunched as and it didn't fair any better since as of March 21, 2014 both were closed permanently.

On a related note I also notice that FriendFinder Networks also closed Indian FriendFinder sometime in the last few months.

Meet The New
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First there was Singlesnet. Then there was Singlesnet via Now there's, the latest evolution of an online dating service that's been in business since 1997.

There was once a time when Singlesnet was the most visited dating site in the United States, but its popularity peaked in December 2008 and steadily declined until a major drop in February 2009. Despite the drastic drop in traffic, purchased the company in 2010 and Match CEO Greg Blatt had high hopes for the new acquisition.

"While Singlesnet's traffic is currently in decline," he said at the time, "we believe that by applying our category expertise we can reverse that trend, increase the site's profitability and improve the overall user experience."

Quinn Lipin, Singlesnet founder and CEO, was also hopeful that the new partnership would mean a brighter future. " has been the standard-bearer for the entire online dating industry, so we're excited to team up with them," he said. "I believe working with will enable us to re-start growth in the business."

Three years have passed, and the company has undergone yet another transformation. The site was rebranded for 2013 as, a sleek, simple, and streamlined dating site better suited to the current online dating climate.

The sign up process begins with an easy fill-in-the-blank questionnaire that makes completing your profile a snap. After you've answered the Mad Libs-style forms, you can then choose the hobbies and interests that most represent you from a selection of cute and colorful cartoon drawings. The list is surprisingly extensive (even pet rocks have an entry!). The same picture-style survey also answers questions about your beliefs regarding politics, religion, and astrology.

Finally, you're given the opportunity to answer in your own words. Two free-response questions let your creativity flow: 'If you only had 4 seconds, what would you say about yourself?' and 'What if you had an hour to describe yourself to someone, what would you say?' If you're not ready to answer every question just yet, you can hit the SKIP button at any point and come back later.

While the look of the site is different, the price structure has barely changed since it was Singlesnet:

  • One month for $24.95
  • Three months for $16.65 per month ($3.00 cheaper)
  • Twelve months for $7.49 per month

Members who choose to upgrade their subscriptions receive better placement in search results, priority access to new features, and unlimited communication with both featured and non-featured members.

Will a makeover prove to be all needs to climb its way back to the top?

Google Zeitgeist on Dating for 2012
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Say what you want about Google (and believe me, I have), but I can think of no one better to gather the biggest stories of the past 12 months and determine exactly what defined the year 2012.

And they did. It's called Zeitgeist, and it's an annual tradition that analyzes over one trillion search queries in almost 150 languages to showcase what the world searched for. Using data from multiple sources, including Google Trends and other internal data tools, Google has turned the year's searches into a report that reflects 2012.

The report is divided into two sections: Trending and Most Searched. The "trending" queries are the searches that had the highest amount of traffic over a sustained period in 2012 as compared to 2011. The "most searched" queries are the most popular terms for 2012, ranked in order of the queries with the largest volume of searches.

Here's what Zeitgeist has to say about the most searched dating services of 2012:

  1. PlentyOfFish: POF - the site formerly known as PlentyOfFish - is one of the most popular free dating services on the Web. Since its launch in 2003, POF has appeared in music videos, launched mobile apps, and conducted a contest with Lady Gaga. For a review of this service see our Plenty of Fish page.
  2. Match: may be the most famous dating site in the world. Match has helped millions of singles look for love in 24 countries and redefined the way modern singles meet. Most recently, the company announced Stir, local events by For a review of this service see our page.
  3. OkCupid: OkCupid is famous for its lighthearted and affordable approach to online dating. The site is free to use, and features fun quizzes and multiple-choice questions designed to bring out users' personalities and encourage community interaction. For a review of this service see our OkCupid page.
  4. eHarmony: eHarmony is where it's at for singles looking for long-term relationships. Its famous matching questionnaire, developed by eHarmony Labs, takes a scientific approach to love that promises to find a deeper level of compatibility. For a review of this service see our eHarmony page.
  5. DateHookup: Online daters really like free stuff. DateHookup is another no-cost service for singles that made it into the Zeitgeist top 10. This year it hit the big times after being bought by and OKCupid owner, IAC/InterActiveCorp. For a review of this service see our page.
  6. Zoosk: Zoosk distinguishes itself from traditional dating sites by putting the focus on its social networking capabilities. It's currently available in 25 languages and more than 70 countries, and shows no signs of stopping in 2013. For a review of this service see our Zoosk page.
  7. ChristianMingle: "Find God's Match For You," says ChristianMingle, a faith-based site created to bring Christian singles together for friendship, dating, and marriage. With over 8 million members, the largest and fastest growing online Christian community. For a review of this service see our page.
  8. AdultFriendFinder: AdultFriendFinder is an online sex and swinger personals site that helps members meet new friends and sex partners. What started as a small niche site quickly grew in popularity - it even debuted the music video for Flo Rida's "Touch Me."
  9. JDate: JDate is one of a number of demographically focused online match-making websites operated by Spark Networks. JDate offers both free and premium plans to Jewish singles looking to date within their faith. For a review of this service see our JDate page.
  10. SinglesNet: SinglesNet offers singles a feature-rich environment with free online dating tools like online chat, personals, and dating forums. IAC added the site to its ever-expanding dating services roster back in 2010. For a review of this service see our page.

So what do you think...did the Zeitgeist report accurately capture the spirit of online dating in 2012?

Stir and DownToEarth Redirect to SinglesNet
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  • Views: 2,008's free dating site was launched in early 2009 but by October of the same year the dating site was taken down and replaced by Stir was aimed more at the college age crowd as it allowed singles to more easily find each other and meet up at bars (think a social networking website for the club scene). Well, as of the middle of this month both and redirect to, which just recently acuired.

For the moment It seems has stopped with experimenting with new dating and social networking type sites and instead has opted with acquiring other dating sites and creating partnerships (like the latest one with Yahoo! Personals). will Acquire Singlesnet
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It looks like the rumor was true (see Story), released a press release yesterday which confirm that they have made a deal to acquire the dating site Financial terms of the deal have yet to be released but Match CEO Greg Blatt did state that Singlesnet will continue to be run largely as a standalone business. Adrian Ong of will be taking over the helm from the previous owner of Singlesnet, Quinn Lipin. Mr Lipin will still continue to work for as an executive.

Singlesnet was once the most visited dating site in the USA back in December 2008. Since then traffic has slowly declined with a major drop happening in February 2009 from 7 million unique visitors to just under 5 million.

They still receive a lot of traffic but the drop must have lowered the acquisition cost enough to make IAC (the owners of think it was worth the price. Greg Blatt further stated:

While Singlesnet's traffic is currently in decline, we believe that by applying our category expertise we can reverse that trend, increase the site's profitability and improve the overall user experience. This is more of a value acquisition than a strategic one ...

I do wonder what paid for Last year they purchased People Media for $80 million (see Story), so I would think Singlesnet would be worth almost as much. owner Markus Frind commented over on Online Dating Insider that this new deal was not good news for POF as they "share about 30% of our core user base with singlesnet in the US". With's marketing muscle behind soon, Markus must be worried about loosing visitors.

Check back often as we will post more details as they are released.

For more information on the dating sites mentioned in this article, read our review and our review.

Forbes Top Ten Online "Meat Markets"
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The Forbes website wrote an article called "The Top Online Meat Markets" which talks a bit about some current online dating statistics and lists the top ten dating sites according to unique visitors in the month of June from a tracking company called Nielsen (more famously known for tracking TV viewers). I wasn't really impressed with the title since they are referring to dating sites as meat markets. The term meat market is not meant as a compliment and it tells me the author is not very interested in the story and doesn't think much of the concept of online dating. He further expresses his point of view in this sentence:

Call it calculating, unromantic and maybe even a bit unnatural ...

For a media company whose authors are suppose to leave their opinions at the door unless the topic calls for it, I wonder how this piece got past the editor's desk.

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