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The free dating site was officially launched in January 2009 by IAC, the parent company of and Chemistry (see Story). Down To Earth's target market was the College-aged crowd of 18 to 25 and their goal by the end of the year was to have 250,000 members. Well, it looks like they didn't make it. OPW reports that the dating site has been relaunched as reached their traffic peak in March at almost 250 thousand unique visitors, since then the dating site's traffic has fallen by over half to 96 thousand unique visitors in September:

According to Jacob Solotaroff, General Manager of Stir, DownToEarth was more of a trial. They took what they learned and how younger singles want to interact online and applied it to Stir is designed to give suggestions on the best places to go and people to go with based on your interests. Members will get personalized bar, restaurant and other activity recommendations. Social networking tools will be implemented and members will soon be able to buy tickets online for some of the events.

If you signed up to as a member, your account will have been automatically been moved to the new site. Stir is in Beta at the moment so when I signed into the site I was greeted with a lot of "Our site may be experiencing technical difficulties, or we may be working to improve this area of the site." messages. Not a very good first impression but I'll wait a month or so before doing a full review.

To check out the new club site, visit