Confirmed DateHookup has Discontinued Services
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Well after waiting a bit and some more digging (and thanks to the Way Back Machine) it is official that closed for good on May 9th, 2018.

We initially reported at the beginning of May DateHookup was experiencing technical difficulties and by May 10th the service was no longer accessible. We did find out that in the last 2 weeks of April, did display a message (as seen in the photo) in bright red on their homepage stating:

Datehookup will discontinue services on May 9, 2018. Please contact for any questions.

Has Closed?
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At the beginning of May someone in our forums noted that the SSL security certificate had expired for the domain With the expiry all interent browsers would present someone who visits with an error message explaining that the certificate is invalid. At this point the visitor has the option to continue on to the site or not. A SSL certificate allows the use of the https protocol and any information that passes from the internet browser to the DateHookup web server would be encrypted. If the certificate is invalid or the website uses only http protocol then the information traveling between the web browser and the server could be retrieved by a hacker with the right tools.

Updating your SSL certificate usually is an easy process and I am surprised to see that it was not done.

Dating App Siren has Closed

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Susie Lee and Katrina Hess co-founded Siren which launched 3 years ago in 2014 as a dating app designed for women where they could start the conversations they wanted. Women had the ability to view men’s profiles, ask them questions and find out who they like. They could also hide their profiles from unwanted views.

We have since learned that Siren closed their digital doors Friday April 7, 2017 due to financial reasons and obligations not met by investors. In the end Siren could not compete with other similar dating apps which had more funding and people to run the day to day operations.

For full details on the closure you can read the co-founders Good Bye post found on the Siren blog.

Hello - Avalanche May Still Be Around
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Even though we waiting more than a few weeks before posting the original story about and disappearing along with the website for their parent company Avalanche, it looks things migh be turning around for the company, at least partly anyways.,,, and are all accessible again (confirmed last week from one of our visitors who commented on the original story). though now redirects to Matchmaker. A message on explains that it has become part of Matchmaker and all existing members have been moved over, including all of their profile information and messages. I was a little surprised of this since I thought the brand was stronger than the Matchmaker brand (though the Matchmaker brand is older).

Avalanche's corporate website ( is still down and all of their affiliate programs (at CJ, Flexoffers, etc.) have had their campaign paused. I am not sure what is going on at Avalanche where their websites disappeared for around 2 months. Maybe they had financial issues or the websites have been sold? I am not sure but when we know more, we will let you know.

We currently have all Avalanche dating sites listed as closed. Once we get a bit more information and see if things have stabilized we will update the reviews.

Goodbye and - Avalanche Has Gone Out Of Business
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I am sad to say it looks like Avalanche LCC has gone out of business. is one of their premier dating services which we last visited on October 6th and was confirmed still up and operating on October 7th, 2016 by the Internet Archive. It seems a week or so later when the dating site was again visited an error was reported indicating the dating service was down. When you visit now your browser will receive an "Error 522 Connection timed out" from CloudFlare. In fact all of Avalanche's websites including Matchmaker, Amor, and Gay Dating are now unreachable, including Avalanche's own corporate website. I sent a few emails out to see what was going on this week and they bounced back undelivered. With all of this evidence and with over a week of their web sites being down I think it safe to assume that unfortunately Avalanche and the dating services they own have gone out of business.

Avalanche ran over 20 dating services which we had reviews up for 4 of the more popular ones. This includes some of the oldest ones on the internet like which was started in 1997 and MatchMaker, which could be the oldest computer dating service since it was first started as a bulletin board system in 1986 (and in 1996 became a website). Other dating services we reviewed included Amor and

In this every changing landscape of online dating, dating apps like Tinder now rule the single's love life. If you don't keep your business current and in the media it is hard to survive for long online. We wish those who worked at Avalanche all the best in their new endeavors.

Dating Service AYI Relaunches as FirstMet

Are You Interested (AYI)
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Are You Interested (AYI), the first online dating service to utilize Facebook connections in its matchmaking process by pairing friends of friends in the same social media circles, has announced that it has rebranded its AYI app and website.

The new service is called FirstMet, which parent company Snap Interactive says “reflects the company’s vision for making it easier for single adults to meet new people in a friendly, low-pressure environment.” At first glance, the design of FirstMet is similar, and the app still uses Facebook as a connection tool. However, the experience is specifically designed for mobile users, as opposed to AYI’s online service.

AYI launched in 2007, and has since gained about 30 million users worldwide. While the app attracted a nice user base, rivals like Tinder and the traditional dating sites like Match still cornered the market for attracting new and more active users.

The main changes to the rebranded app were technology enhancements, rather than features or design. FirstMet has included IceBreakers in its rebrand, a popular AYI feature that allowed members to connect with each other more easily. The new app has also unlocked messages to matches, making it possible to send the first message to a match for free.

The app is also rebuilt with a streamlined back-end infrastructure, allowing for better performance as well as more frequent updates to address user requests.  

SNAP Interactive initiated the rebrand because it noticed a number of unengaged users. The company’s first priority is attracting them back to the app. SNAP’s CEO, Alex Harrington, said in a statement, “we needed a stronger brand identity to communicate those benefits effectively to new and existing users.”

To entice these users as part of the branding effort, FirstMet intends to offer free trials of the product and “open house” dates, during which new and existing users can have the benefits of premium features at no cost. They are also leaving the millenials and hook-up driven users to Tinder, focusing instead on more serious daters.

“The rebranding affirmatively targets an underserved niche in the market, adults 35 years and older,” said Harrington. “With much of the industry attention and innovation focused on hook-up apps and the millennial generation, FirstMet fills an important void in helping single adults seeking new relationships, while minimizing the effort and stress of getting back in the dating game.”

While the app is primarily for mobile users, it is accessible on five desktop and mobile platforms. iPhone and Android apps are free to download.

To find out more about the rebrand Are you Interested, please read our FirstMet review.