Out of Business Out of Business Summary calls itself "the new way to date," and users seem to agree: in 2007, the site was voted their top pick in the "Innovative" category. offers a handy toolbar that gives users instant access to the site, no matter what they're doing online, as well as a mobile feature and an online magazine with helpful dating advice.

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Hello - Avalanche May Still Be Around
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Even though we waiting more than a few weeks before posting the original story about and disappearing along with the website for their parent company Avalanche, it looks things migh be turning around for the company, at least partly anyways.,,, and are all accessible again (confirmed last week from one of our visitors who commented on the original story). though now redirects to Matchmaker. A message on explains that it has become part of Matchmaker and all existing members have been moved over, including all of their profile information and messages. I was a little surprised of this since I thought the brand was stronger than the Matchmaker brand (though the Matchmaker brand is older).

Avalanche's corporate website ( is still down and all of their affiliate programs (at CJ, Flexoffers, etc.) have had their campaign paused. I am not sure what is going on at Avalanche where their websites disappeared for around 2 months. Maybe they had financial issues or the websites have been sold? I am not sure but when we know more, we will let you know.

We currently have all Avalanche dating sites listed as closed. Once we get a bit more information and see if things have stabilized we will update the reviews.

Goodbye and - Avalanche Has Gone Out Of Business
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Avalanche out of Business

I am sad to say it looks like Avalanche LCC has gone out of business. is one of their premier dating services which we last visited on October 6th and was confirmed still up and operating on October 7th, 2016 by the Internet Archive. It seems a week or so later when the dating site was again visited an error was reported indicating the dating service was down. When you visit now your browser will receive an "Error 522 Connection timed out" from CloudFlare. In fact all of Avalanche's websites including Matchmaker, Amor, and Gay Dating are now unreachable, including Avalanche's own corporate website. I sent a few emails out to see what was going on this week and they bounced back undelivered. With all of this evidence and with over a week of their web sites being down I think it safe to assume that unfortunately Avalanche and the dating services they own have gone out of business.

Avalanche ran over 20 dating services which we had reviews up for 4 of the more popular ones. This includes some of the oldest ones on the internet like which was started in 1997 and MatchMaker, which could be the oldest computer dating service since it was first started as a bulletin board system in 1986 (and in 1996 became a website). Other dating services we reviewed included Amor and

In this every changing landscape of online dating, dating apps like Tinder now rule the single's love life. If you don't keep your business current and in the media it is hard to survive for long online. We wish those who worked at Avalanche all the best in their new endeavors. New Login Options
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I visited this morning and notice one major change right away. They now allow you to login to their dating site using one of 12 different 3rd party accounts you may have. This means it will be easier for new members to create a profile, as information may get pulled from these 3rd party accounts. Some of the accounts you can now associate with your account includes Google, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AOL, OpenID and Windows Live ID.

What I was hoping to see, but I didn't, was more integration with some of the Social Networks. It would be nice to see the friends of some of these members on Social Networks, endorse their single friend.

I also came across's parent companies (Avalanche, LCC) website, I hadn't found it before this, since no direct link was available on their dating sites. You can find Avalanche's website here.

The only dating sites that I can think of right now that allows members to log into of their dating site with a 3rd party account, is and Zoosk. Though, only allows Windows Live ID accounts.

To find out more about this dating site, read our review of

Legal Issues Reviewed with Virtual Gifts
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Back in early February, 2009 started offering Virtual Gifts for sale to its members (see Story). Members could send virtual flowers, chocolates, etc.. to someone they wish to date on the site by purchasing tokens for $1 to $5.

The parent company of, Avalanche LLC wanted to make sure they met any legal obligations to their members when dealing with Virtual Gifts and tokens. No real laws have been made in regards to virtual gifts in most countries. The closest comparison in the real world they could find was gift cards. Lawyers for

ultimately concluded that the consumer laws pertaining to gift cards didn't apply. decided to make purchasing of gifts as clear as possible in their Terms of Service. Specifically this mainly deals with what happens if a user doesn't use their tokens.'s policy for members inactive more than 365 days is to delete them. Unused virtual gift tokens are then deleted as well, with keeping the profits. Before your account is deleted from, multiple emails are sent out warning you of this fact and asking you to log in again.

For more about the dating site, read our review. Now Offering Virtual Gifts
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On Wednesday Avalanche (the owners of,, and Amor) announced that they will be offering virtual gifts for sale on their dating sites. Just in time for Valentine's Day, members of these dating communities can send a $1 virtual gift to help make an impression with a potential date. To send a virtual gift:

Members purchase tokens that can be converted immediately, or at a later date, into Virtual Gifts. Online gifts, which range in price and start at $1, run the gamut from romantic to flirty. Everything from roses, hearts, Cupids and boxes of chocolates to martini glasses, food, stuffed animals, and even a shiny red sports car are available for purchase. Specialty items and limited edition items will be introduced in future updates of the feature.

Branded Virtual Gifts will also be available to advertisers that are looking for innovative ways to market products to online daters. Singles do not have to be paying subscribers of the sites to purchase, send or to receive Virtual Gifts. Virtual Gifts can be purchased using all major credit cards as well as via PayPal.

Virtual Gifts are currently very popular on social networking sites. The industry is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion in 2008. is Free in India Now
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On January 29, 2009 become free for the estimated 15 million online dating users in India. This means any local Hindu single may use the service just like a paid member, allowing them to save their Rupee's for an actual date. has been planning to expand into non-English speaking markets for a while now. It looks like they want to get a foot in the door in India by offering a free service, were online matrimonial sites are very popular. is currently available in 4 languages but by 2010 they plan on adding 15 more (see Story).

Read more about this free service for Indian singles at by reading this press release, or check out our review for more information on this popular online dating site.