Hello Matchmaker.com - Avalanche May Still Be Around

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Even though we waiting more than a few weeks before posting the original story about Date.com and Matchmaker.com disappearing along with the website for their parent company Avalanche, it looks things migh be turning around for the company, at least partly anyways.

Matchmaker.com, Amor.com, GayDating.com, and Gk2Gk.com are all accessible again (confirmed last week from one of our visitors who commented on the original story). Date.com though now redirects to Matchmaker. A message on Date.com explains that it has become part of Matchmaker and all existing members have been moved over, including all of their profile information and messages. I was a little surprised of this since I thought the Date.com brand was stronger than the Matchmaker brand (though the Matchmaker brand is older).

Avalanche's corporate website (avalanchellc.com) is still down and all of their affiliate programs (at CJ, Flexoffers, etc.) have had their campaign paused. I am not sure what is going on at Avalanche where their websites disappeared for around 2 months. Maybe they had financial issues or the websites have been sold? I am not sure but when we know more, we will let you know.

We currently have all Avalanche dating sites listed as closed. Once we get a bit more information and see if things have stabilized we will update the reviews.