Legal Issues Reviewed with Virtual Gifts
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Back in early February, 2009 started offering Virtual Gifts for sale to its members (see Story). Members could send virtual flowers, chocolates, etc.. to someone they wish to date on the site by purchasing tokens for $1 to $5.

The parent company of, Avalanche LLC wanted to make sure they met any legal obligations to their members when dealing with Virtual Gifts and tokens. No real laws have been made in regards to virtual gifts in most countries. The closest comparison in the real world they could find was gift cards. Lawyers for

ultimately concluded that the consumer laws pertaining to gift cards didn't apply. decided to make purchasing of gifts as clear as possible in their Terms of Service. Specifically this mainly deals with what happens if a user doesn't use their tokens.'s policy for members inactive more than 365 days is to delete them. Unused virtual gift tokens are then deleted as well, with keeping the profits. Before your account is deleted from, multiple emails are sent out warning you of this fact and asking you to log in again.

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