Celebrities Who Have Dabbled In Online Dating On “The Insider”

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What do Sinead O'Connor, Demi Moore, and Charlie Sheen have in common? Rumor has it all of them have tried online dating, and they're not the only celebrities than have allegedly turned to the Internet to find love.

Match.com relationship expert Whiney Casey recently made an appearance on "The Insider" to discuss what happens when Hollywood and the World Wide Web collide. It seems that online dating is more popular amongst the rich and famous than you might think!

According to Casey, Match is a popular destination for celebrities who haven't had luck in love. Jenny McCarthy joined the site though ultimately, she said, "It didn't really work out for me." Ricki Lake also tried her hand at online dating, with considerably more success. She told Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately that she met her husband, Christian, on Match.com. True Blood star Deborah Ann Woll is also a success story - she met her boyfriend on Match.com, and they've now been dating for more than four years.

Melissa Rivers says her infamous mother, Joan, signed her up for a dating site in hopes of finding a prince charming to sweep her off her feet. It came as a shock to the younger Rivers - "She made a profile for me on a dating site," she said, "that I was unaware of." It has also been reported that Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Halle Berry have explored the possibility of finding love online.

The prize for most romantic celebrity success story goes to "Dancing With the Stars" judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who revealed last year that she met her fiancé, Jesse Sloan, online. "I met him on eHarmony," she said. "I was dating all these younger guys. I was like, 'Maybe I need to change it up a little.'" To make sure that the men she met were interested in her, not her fame, Inaba didn't post a picture or offer any clues to her profession. Most singles would probably consider that a dealbreaker, but Sloan was willing to take a chance - and it paid off, big time.

"In his picture, I felt like I already knew him," Inaba told "Access Hollywood" last October. "He took a risk because he didn't know what I looked like or anything." Sloan finally discovered who his secret admirer was when she sent him a photo of her without makeup, and in March of 2011 he proposed on "Live! With Regis and Kelly."

So next time you get a message from a sparse profile, give it a chance...it just might be your celebrity crush.

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Checking Out Cheek’d

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I love any new take on online dating, and I can't help but be intrigued by something that TechCrunch has called "equally creepy and creative."

Did that get your attention?

Yeah, I thought so.

The site is called Cheek'd, and TechCrunch calls it "a place where business cards meets picking up prospective boyfriends/girlfriends/one-night stands." Sounds like fun, right? It's business and pleasure you can mix without getting into trouble! Well, maybe some trouble...but the good kind of trouble.

Cheek'd works by, of course, signing up for the service online and filling out a profile. It's just like your average dating site, but with questions that are little more unique. Singles are queried about their favorite board games and the most played songs on their iPods, then they upload pictures and are ready to get to the good stuff.

This is where the fun of Cheek'd really begins. Members receive a deck of cards - yes, a deck of cards - with short icebreakers printed on them. There are hundreds of different sayings that run the gamut from "Emotionally available" to "Act natural, we can get awkward later." There's even a Wall Street-specific deck with lines like "Add me to your portfolio" and "All my bank accounts are Swiss."

Every card has an ID code associated with it, and a URL for the Cheek'd website. When you've given the card to an intriguing stranger, said stranger - filled with curiosity about the attractive prospect who just gave them a mysterious calling card - enters the code on the card into the Cheek'd website and is directed to your profile page. Cheek'd calls the process "online dating in reverse."

My thoughts? Points for creativity are definitely deserved. I like the idea, and I love the sleek, minimal aesthetic of the cards themselves. For those who are shy, Cheek'd could provide an easy way to get the ball rolling without risking too much rejection or awkwardness. And yes, I do think that the sayings on the cards would pique my curiosity if I received one.

But on the other hand, handing me a card doesn't tell me anything about a person. Why would I be interested in pursuing contact with someone I knew literally nothing about? If they were really interested in me, wouldn't they want to do more than hand me a business card?

Verdict: it sounds cool on the surface, but I'm not convinced that it would actually work in the real world. Try it out and let me know!

Should I Dump My Boyfriend? Ask The App!

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Now here's something that I never expected to need an app for...though now that I see it, I can't help but be intrigued.

Sarah Gray was in a long distance relationship when she found herself wondering whether it was time to bid her boyfriend farewell. The relationship did end up crumbling, but Gray found something good in the aftermath: a new app idea. The app, called Should I Dump My Boyfriend?, helps users answer the same question that Gray faced by tracking your feelings over a two-week period.

Forget about talking your friends ears off with the trivial details of your relationships or turning to silly Cosmo quizzes to answer your burning relationship questions. This app, which creates a graph that quantifies what you should do and provides customized advice, is the way of the future.

Step one is to keep track of your feelings. Record your ups and downs in the app, which sends a daily reminder to make sure that you stay on top of the tracking process. You can rate your boyfriend as often as you like, since you never know when you might be surprised by something he does, and can leave notes describing your feelings during each rating session.

When the rating process is complete, the app provides objective advice based on the unique patterns it analyzes in your entries. The idea is to help you spot trends that you may have missed in day to day life, and create clarity about why you might be sabotaging a good relationship or sticking with a bad one.

And it's not just useful for one relationship. The app saves all your entries from past boyfriends, so you can review and reflect at any point in the future. Mad at your man and wondering why you haven't dumped him yet? Check the app for reminders about what makes him so wonderful. Feeling the post-breakup blues and second-guessing your choice to dump the chump? Read through your old notes and statistics to refresh your memory about why he was such a dud, then count your blessings.

"Being able to see your relationship clearly and objectively is the 1st step on the path to a happy, healthy love-life," says Gray, :whether it's with him, with someone else, or on your own for a while." We're often to irrational in the moment to assess our feelings correctly, making the app a valuable asset when it comes to choosing partners wisely. "Sometimes, we need an objective voice to help us appreciate a good thing or accept something painful," Grey adds. "And this app helps us tap into the best voice of all - the one inside ourselves."

Check out the app on iTunes.

Do Women Prefer Alpha Men?

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Women can be very fickle in their choices of men. While wanting to date "nice guys" seems to be the request frustrated women often make, many also find themselves in dead-end relationships with selfish and often arrogant men. So what do women really want - the nice guy or the alpha man?

A surprising study came out recently from Southampton Solent University in England, claiming that women's choices in men change during recession, but not in the way you'd think. It seems that women prefer dating men who describe themselves as "followers" rather than "leaders." The reasoning behind this? According to researchers, "a man who is a follower might offer stability: He may have fewer resources, but he may be less likely to abandon [her] for another woman or need to share his resources with lots of other women."

The researchers at Southampton showed more than 150 women a series of fictitious online dating profiles before asking them which men they'd like to date and which were marriage material. The descriptions contained information about the men's earning potential and hints of how dominant they appeared to be. Before viewing the profiles, however, the women took a language test that included words related to financial hardship such as "bankruptcy," to link dating back to a recession mindset to see if anything changed.

It seems the women would have chosen the confident bread-winners to date, but they preferred the men who were more shy and generally happy to be told what to do. (Although earning potential did factor heavily into who they considered to be marriage material.)

So in times of economic recession, women may see things differently. They look for stability, but not necessarily financial stability or career success with a man who has a take-charge personality. Instead, they prefer the easy-going and soft-spoken types. But when it comes to marriage, women are still concerned with financial stability and support more than anything else.

Are women's preferences starting to change? We are in a better place economically than we have been at any other time in history, so we aren't reliant on a man's ability to wine and dine us to impress. And while confidence in men still seems to be an agent for attraction, perhaps dating alpha dogs isn't the answer. Maybe now, there's even more reason to date those nice guys. And it seems that more and more women agree on this.

eHarmony offers Free Communication this May Weekend (2012)

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This Memorial Day weekend eHarmony is having a free communication event. It will run from Friday May 25th, 2012 until the end of Monday May 28th, 2012 (US website only).

This free communication event (FCW) falls right on a holiday so you can expect eHarmony to be extra busy. It is easy to become a member of eHarmony, all you just need to fill in the sign up form and then create a profile. Once you have finished filling out the in-depth profile you will then start to receive your matches. Any match you receive during this promotion, you will be able to communicate with at no charge and with no credit card required. Features not included during free communication events are photos, Secure Call or Skip to Email.

The last FCW happened in March (see Story). This promotion will be eHarmony's 39th free communication event (by our count).

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Match.com Introduces Games

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"Playing games" is generally looked down upon when it comes to dating, but thanks to the latest addition to the features at Match.com, members can play games that may actually help their relationships.

The Match blog recently announced the launch of the new feature. "Online dating has been an effective way to meet, but it's not always the best way to get to know someone," says the blog. "So we created fun and easy-to-play games that allow our members to figure out whether they have chemistry with each other before going out on a date." Each game will last one to five minutes, and is designed to "create shared experiences and encourage interaction between players through instant messaging."

Match will debut seven new games in summer 2012:

  • Best & Worst: Share your personal best and worst about everything from concerts to movies to road trips, then see how you and your partner match up.
  • Food Critic: Who hasn't wanted to become a food critic at one point or another? In this game, you act as a local food critic and pick your favorite places to eat. Compare your choices to your partner's picks, then decide on one you might like to check out together.
  • Romance Rip Off: Work together with your partner to create a cheesy romance by taking turns adding the next line to the story. Hopefully your real-life romance will be a little lighter on the cheese and a little heavier on the actual romance.
  • Name That Dance: All those times you watched viral dancing videos on YouTube are finally about to pay off! Watch the Match dance team perform their best moves and try guess their names.
  • Gut Reaction: This one's a classic. Gut Reaction is a simple game of word association designed to give you insight into the mind of your partner. See a word, react quickly to it, then compare your reactions to your partner's.
  • Drawn Together: It's Pictionary for the digital age. Draw three quick sketches on the screen and see who can identify them first. Better brush up on your stick figure skills.
  • If I Could: If you could pick one movie to watch tonight, one thing to have for dinner, and one flavor of ice cream to eat for the rest of your life, what would you chose? Compare your responses to discover where your tastes align and where they diverge.

And if you can't get enough of Match's games, check the site for a local game night hosted in your city.

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