Social Media Etiquette 101

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The Internet isn't usually known for the civility of its inhabitants - and one might argue that the general anarchy that reigns over the Web is a major part of its charm - but every once in a while a little politeness is exactly what the doctor ordered.

The question is...what exactly passes for etiquette online? I don't remember a lot of Ann Landers columns on the subject.

Thankfully, Zoosk has come to the rescue with its latest survey. Zoosk surveyed thousands of members about proper etiquette on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It looks like pretty much everyone - both singles and couples - have embraced social media, but most are cautious about how much they reveal about their love lives online.

Here's what they had to say...

Social media can clash with professional ambitions.

  • 60% of participants said they are cautious about posting romantic posts on their social media profiles, for fear that their co-workers might react negatively.
  • 64% admitted that they would be more likely to post about their love lives if they weren't Facebook friends with fellow employees.
  • 38% have a strict no-dating-related-posts policy.

Men and women have different views on date night updates.

  • Women are more interested in their friends date night updates than men.
  • 51% of women said they like to see their friends' romantic photos and statuses.
  • But only 37% of men said the same.

Technology, for all its faults, can be beneficial to relationships too.

  • Technology is used for both private and public expressions of love.
  • 81% of couples say they use technology to interact with each other throughout the day.
  • 60% of couples say the main role social media plays in their relationship is public declarations of love, or sharing updates on their relationship with family and friends. Who doesn't secretly want to show off, just a little bit?

Texting is a lot more romantic than it seems.

  • 78% of Zoosk users prefer a romantic text to an affectionate Facebook post or Tweet. Ok, maybe we're not such big show offs after all...

If you're ready to join the tech-savvy masses and incorporate social media into your love life, the experts offer the following advice:

  • Use your professional filter. If you wouldn't say it in a job interview, don't post it to your social media profile. Better safe than sorry.
  • Utilize privacy functions. They're there for a reason! Keep your personal and professional lives separate.
  • Stay on the same page. How much is your partner comfortable revealing online? Have an open, honest discussion about your respective comfort levels and only post what you're both willing to share publically.

For more information on the dating site which brought us this survey you can check out our Zoosk review.

Chivalry is Still Alive, But Women Need to Step Up

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Contrary to popular opinion, chivalry is still important when it comes to dating. At least it is according to a recent survey by Coffee Meets Bagel, an online dating site that uses Facebook as a tool for matching people.

Coffee Meets Bagel surveyed 557 users of the service about their dating habits, and some surprising statistics were shared. There isn't as much equality in the dating scene as we'd like to think, even though it's 2012.

According to the study, 66% of men said that they would pay on the first date, contrary to the popular belief that chivalry is on its way out. In addition, 65% of women said they'd offer to split the bill but secretly hoped he'd pay. How's that for synchronicity?

Some other surprising statistics:

  • Spontaneity is in! 84% of men and 57% of women said they'd meet a date on the same day if they didn't have other plans.
  • Women don't want to initiate. One in five women said they would never send the first text, and one out of three claimed that they'd never follow up with their guys first after a date, even if it was good. (Ladies, I think it's time to step it up a notch and send a text instead of playing the waiting game.)
  • Men are more eager to initiate a meet-up. Fifty-one percent say they'd initiate a meet up after only exchanging a few text messages, whereas only 29% of women would do the same. Twenty-two percent of women said they'd never initiate a meet up first - it's up to the man to start.
  • If a date is late, men and women are both equally patient. The vast majority of men and women would wait anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes. Good news for those of you who are perpetually stuck in traffic.

I think it's great that guys are still willing to step up to the plate on a first date and offer to pay. There's something attractive about a man who takes care of things - women still like to feel pursued (and apparently men still like the chase).

But I do think women could be a little more proactive when it comes to their love lives. We all have mobile phones and it's easy and painless to send a text. So why not take a little more initiative with your dates? If you had a good time, send him a text and ask if he wants to meet again. If you're interested in a man, don't wait for all those back and forth emails and phone calls when you could cut to the chase and ask to meet up.

Happy dating!

Chemistry's FREE this October Weekend - 2012
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From Friday October 19 2012, to Sunday October 21, 2012 members of Chemistry will be able to communicate for free.

Along with communication, this free weekend allows members to create a profile, take the personality test and to receive matches. Once you have decided which matches you wish to contact by viewing their profiles and photos, you can then use Chemistry Starters to initiate communication with that member. Chemistry Starters are fun online activities designed to help you break the ice and get to know your matches better. If you wish to skip the Chemistry Starters, no problem as you can also send emails right away. This 72 hour promotion is completely free and no credit card is required.

It looks like Chemistry had their last free communication weekend in July. To find out more about this dating site which matches members for long-term relationships you can read our Chemistry review.

2012 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards

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It is October and the start of award season for us here at Dating Sites Reviews. To start it off we have released the Single's Choice Award poll for 2012 on October 1st. This signals that our annual Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards is now under way. These awards recognize the best online dating sites of 2012 in a number of categories. In 2 months it will be 2013 (where did 2012 go!) and these awards are a great signal to our visitors in the coming year on what we and our previous visitors recommend. The Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards have been given out annually for the last 6 years. To see our past award winners you can visit our Award Winning Dating category.

The Single Choice Award is our most important award since it determined by you. If you would like to voice your opinion then please take the poll below. The poll has 2 questions. The first asks you to choose your top paid dating site from a list of 8 popular dating sites. The second question of the poll then asks what your favorite free dating site is. Once again you will then choose your answer from a list of the top 8 free dating sites. The dating sites listed in the poll was determined by the Editor’s here at Dating Sites Reviews. If you have not already please cast your vote now:

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We have added a new review to the Ethnic dating category for the site

For some reason this dating site has flown under our radar for a few years. This site by far is the largest niche dating service for singles looking for Latino partners. It is at least 3 times larger than its nearest competitor (according to Alexa) in the Latin niche market. Our review team found the site easy to use and not too expensive. offers all of the features needed to make online dating an enjoyable and rewarding experience. The one recommendation we would make to improve the service is to include message boards. This would encourage community interaction between members. If you disagree with our review, you are more than welcome to include your own comment and/or review. This functionality is available on all of our review pages.

To find out more about this popular Latin singles dating site you can read our new review now.

Fall Date Ideas, Inspired by Halloween

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This is my favorite time of the year - the air is turning a little cool in the evenings, new shows are starting to premiere on TV, and the best part - Halloween is around the corner. Fall is a fun time in my opinion, and a good time to actively date.

Fall brings many possibilities for new and different date ideas to help you get over the lingering effects of summer and prepare for the holiday season. So take advantage and go outside your dinner and a movie comfort zone to try some once-a-year activities.

Following are some seasonal ideas to get you started:

Costume shopping - If you want a little creativity and inspiration, ask your date to go shopping for Halloween costumes with you. Instead of renting or buying those pre-fab expensive ones, try local thrift stores and come up with your own designs. It's much more fun, and it shows off your creative side. (Even if you already planned a costume, it can't hurt to look together.)

Haunted things - whether it's a hayride through an old cemetery or a haunted theme park or shopping mall, taking your date to a spooky event can be fun and will definitely give you something to talk about - even if it was kind of lame. You can share a drink afterward and calm your nerves.

Pumpkin carving - Visited a pumpkin farm lately? If not, you might want to take your date along with you. Grab a couple of pumpkins and show off your carving skills, maybe while you're watching some scary movies. Most farms offer some carving tool kits if you want to get detailed about it.

Farmer's markets - I love strolling through these on weekend mornings - the produce changes depending on the time of year. It's a different kind of date - you can gather a few items for a picnic at a nearby park.

Art shows - I'm not sure why this is, but the fall seems to be the best time for catching new art shows that come to town - whether it's a museum or art gallery. Check your local listings and wander through a new exhibit. If you're feeling the chemistry, stick around for a drink or bite to eat nearby.

Host a themed gathering - Even if you live in a small place, it's fun to invite a few people over along with your date to watch scary movies and create some Halloween-inspired drinks and food. Decorating a little helps to set the mood, too. Happy Halloween!