Use These 5 Career Skills to Improve Your Dating Life

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Do you feel like your career is taking off, and yet your love life is still lacking? Many men and women find their jobs much easier to navigate than their love lives. After all, if you have a plan, work hard, and accomplish your goals, chances are you will be promoted in your job, or at least have opportunities in your career to move up the ladder.

Dating is a little more elusive. You can strive to find a partner, but it won’t necessarily happen in your ideal timeframe, or under the perfect circumstances, or even after a lot of time spent dating or “on the job” as it were. In other words, dating is often left to chance.

What you might not realize is that you have more control than you think, and there are skills that you’ve gained in your career that could serve your dating life as well. You just have to know what tools you have in your arsenal.

Following are 5 career skills that you can use to improve your dating life:

Set a goal. When you are looking to get ahead in your career, you set some goals to get to the desired place you want. When you work towards something, you feel more productive and optimistic about the future, whether it is career, a fitness goal, a hobby, or even dating.

Get organized. Who can proceed without a plan? The sooner you get organized, the better. Research your options for online dating, such as which dating apps to try. Put time aside in your busy work schedule to actually date and have fun. Enlist a friend to help set up your profile, take pictures, or keep you on track by checking in to see how your dates are going.

Put yourself out there. You can’t move forward in your dating life if you’re fearful. Dating requires a certain amount of courage, and a certain amount of playfulness – remember, not everyone is going to be right for you, so don’t take rejection so seriously. It will happen, and you move on. Instead, focus on trying to have fun, not trying to meet or be the perfect date.

Let go of old ideas and attitudes. Are you too old-fashioned to ask a guy out? It’s time to get over those old dating stereotypes. You are confident in the office when you ask for what you want, or when you manage a project – so why not be a boss in your dating life? Make eye contact with the hot guy at the bar (and hold it!), or try making the first move. Message your matches first. Don’t want for him to ask you out – do it yourself.

Be clear about what you want. In our jobs, we are aware of our goals, and we work towards them. Likely your boss knows your next steps, or at least has an idea of what you want to eventually be doing. This applies to your dates. If you start dating with an attitude of “let’s see where this goes,” you’ll end up stuck in a dead-end relationship, much like a dead-end job when you don’t know what you want. Get focused and stick to your goals. Envision a future that you want. It will pay off in the end.