eHarmony offers Free Communication this November Weekend (2012)

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eHarmony is having a free communication event this weekend which starts Friday November 16th and runs to Monday November 19th. This 4 day event is available on both eHarmony US and Canada websites.

This probably will be the last free communication event until the Christmas Holidays so if you are thinking of trying eHarmony this fall, over the next few days would be a good time to try it out to see if you like the dating service. So how does free communication work at eHarmony? If you do not have a membership yet you first need to create one. This will just take you a couple of minutes. Once completed you will then need to complete the personality profile. This is the key to how eHarmony is so successful at matchmaking so you need to complete it truthfully and accurately. It takes most people about a half an hour to do. If you run out of time and cannot finish the personality profile that is not a problem. You can save what you have completed and finish it at a later date. A basic membership and personality profile at eHarmony is always free and so is receiving matches. Once you have finished the profile eHarmony will send you your first batch of matches. When the free communication event starts you can then send messages to one or more of your matches at no cost. Free communication weekends do not include photos and Secure Call (a phone service). No credit cards are required so there is no obligation and who knows, maybe you will find a date for this Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday! 😉

The last free eHarmony communication weekend was during the Labor day long weekend (see Story). By our count on this free communication event with be number 42.

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Zoosk Celebrates Movember

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Some think of fall as the time for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Others think of fall as time for the celebration of Movember, a tradition run since 2004 by the Movember Foundation.

What is Movember?

Movember is an annual, month-long event that hopes to "change the face of men's health" by raising awareness of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other men's health issues. On November 1st, Movember participants - known as Mo Bros - begin the event clean shaven. For the rest of the month, Mo Bros grow and groom their 'staches and raise money for the Movember Foundation by seeking sponsorship for their efforts. At the end of the month, Mo Bros celebrate their achievement by throwing a Movember party or attending one of the official galas held around the world.

This year Zoosk is celebrating the month of Movember by surveying members about their thoughts on facial hair and how it plays out in their relationships. Here's what they found:

Facial hair is becoming more popular in America.

  • Only 50% of American men say their father had facial hair.
  • But today, 64% of American men report having facial hair.
  • "Mustache" may be a French word, but only 40% of French men currently embrace facial hair.

The most common reason for growing facial hair is confidence.

  • 44% of men around the world say they feel more confident when they have facial hair.
  • Other common reasons for growing facial hair are: to feel more attractive, to feel more sophisticated, and to feel more intelligent.

The majority of women are a-ok with facial hair, and the goatee is their favorite form.

  • 80% of American women and 69% of women in the UK and Canada don't mind their men with facial hair.
  • But most women in Australia, France, Mexico and Denmark prefer clean-shaven men.
  • The goatee is the preferred form of facial hair, as voted by 36% of American women, while the soul patch is the least-liked form.

Participating in Movember might actually increase your chances of finding love.

  • 63% of American women say that they would be more open to romance with a man who grew facial hair for a worthy cause.
  • Only 27% of French women say they would feel more romantic with a man who grew facial hair for a cause.

Men and women disagree over which celebrity sports the best facial hair.

  • More than 50% of women think it's Johnny Depp.
  • Men, on the other hand, say Depp's facial hair is second to James Bond himself: Sean Connery.

See the infographic here. To find out more about this dating site you can read our Zoosk review.

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We have added a new review to the United Kingdom dating category for the dating service called “Girls Date For Free”.

As the name suggests females on can use the site for free while men are required to pay if they wish to communicate with other members. The thinking behind this is, if the women do not have to pay for the service, more of them will use it. And, as you know, where the women are, men will surely follow. has become very popular in Europe where the site sees over 350 thousand visitors every month. Over the last year they also have been gaining traction in North America. The site appears to have a younger demographic and singles use the site more for finding a good time than searching for long-term relationships.

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The Science Of Love At First Sight

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There is no one on the planet whose work fascinates me more than Dr. Helen Fisher. Dr. Fisher is a biological anthropologist, a research professor, and a member of the Center for Human Evolution Studies in the Department of Anthropology at Rutgers University. She is also the Chief Scientific Advisor of and the author of five books on sex, love, marriage, gender, and personality.

The latest of Dr. Fisher's riveting research revolves around a subject every romantic holds dear: love at first sight.

Does it exist?

And if so, does it last?

Love at first sight, Dr. Fisher explains, isn't only a human phenomenon. The animal kingdom also experiences its own brand of instant attraction. Scientists have recorded instances of love at first sight in hundreds of species, including elephants, orangutans, baboons, beavers, dogs, chimps, and more. Even Charles Darwin witnessed it, between a pair of ducks: "it was evidently a case of love at first sight, for she swam about the newcomer caressingly... with overtures of affection."

Humans inherited the ability to fall in love at first sight from our animal ancestors. Like other mammals, the female descendants in our primordial past had a monthly period of heat. They had to procreate within that limited amount of time, making it essential that they were able to meet and attract a mate quickly.

First meetings are still important, though we no longer have only a brief window in which to reproduce. We form a strong impression of someone within the first three minutes of meeting them, using only the limited amount of information we are able to gather during that time. For the lucky ones, that impression is one of attraction.

Believe it or not, men tend to fall in love faster than women. Because their brain circuitry for romantic love is more quickly triggered by visual cues, they are more likely to feel instant attraction than their female counterparts.

That may sound like a case of lust rather than love, but lust and love involve very different brain networks. "You can have physical intimacy with someone you are not 'in love' with," Dr. Fisher writes in the blog, "and you can be passionately in love with someone you have never kissed. But these brain circuits can trigger one another, leaving you wondering for a moment if your attraction is purely physical."

Love at first sight shouldn't be dismissed as shallow or fleeting. Instant passion can last and become genuine, deep attachment. The question you must ask, Dr. Fisher writes, is "What percentage of the day and night do you think about him or her?" Romantic love is an obsession, so if you can't get your beloved off your mind, you can be sure it's the real thing.

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We have added a new review for the dating site called How About We. has been around for a number of years now and approaches online dating in an interesting and unique way. Instead of concentrating mainly on the physical and personality attributes of a member, wants you to find members based on their favorite date ideas. Every date idea starts with “How about we…” hence the name of the site 😉. Basically you are looking for a date based on what you like to do. This process stream lines the online dating experience since it tries to get you offline and dating as soon as possible. Your date is already planned so there is a lot less messaging. Once someone is intrigued with your date idea, all you need to do is agree to go on the date and then figure out when.

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10 Things Science Has To Say About Sex And Attraction

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1. Women really do love dogs. Nicolas Guégen and Serge Ciccotti found that a man's likelihood of obtaining a woman's phone number increases three-fold when he's accompanied by a dog.

2. Red is the most attractive color. One experiment found that men asked women dressed in red more personal questions than women dressed in green. Another experiment found that men sat closer to a woman wearing red than a woman wearing blue.

3. Women are attracted to wealth, but not men. Female participants in a study were more interested in a man with an expensive Bentley than a man with a more average car. Male participants showed no difference in how they rated the attractiveness of a woman based on her car.

4. Women love to be kissed on the neck. Next to the mouth, the neck is women's favorite place to be kissed. 96% of women expressed their love of neck kisses in a study, compared to only 10% of men.

5. Women are more likely to fake a climax if they're in love. Apparently faking an orgasm is a sign of love - women who are in love are more likely to fake it, presumably to avoid disappointing the partners they care about so deeply.

6. Casual sex is not indicative of low self-esteem or a bad family life. Contrary to the beliefs of many, women with a higher number of sex partners are definitely not "damaged goods." They show no signs of low self-esteem or challenging fact, men in some situations prioritize women with many sex partners over less experienced women.

7. Cheaters might be identifiable by their faces. An experiment found that humans are better able to recognize the faces of cheaters than non-cheaters, without knowing anything about their sexual history. Cheaters' faces may give off subtle visual cues that make them identifiable.

8. We're all guilty of staring. People tend to look longer at attractive faces than unattractive faces. A beautiful face also distracts us from tasks, causing us to take longer to complete them.

9. Your voice changes around people you're attracted to. A lower-pitched voice is connected to higher states of physical arousal in the presence of someone you're attracted to.

10. Speed dating probably isn't the most effective way to meet your match. Your chances of getting frisky with someone you meet at a speed dating event are only 6%, and your changes of relating to someone are even lower, at only 4% .