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IWantU is a total scam site, just so you know :)


Hi all,
IWantU is a complete scam site which has nothing real on it. Stay away, and do not pay.

No need even to say much:
- “Girls” will send you all sorts of winks, messages, etc… even before you complete your profile
- You cannot do anything at all unless you pay: no send, no read, no chat. Nothing, only millions of requests from girls and re-direct to the page to upgrade 
- By the way, when you register on this site, they will automatically will create your profile on another “MILF” or something site, which really exactly the same, well they want you to pay to the both sites, don’t they? Smile

Anyway, I think it is all obvious once you register there, but because I did not find topic here on this site, decided to add it. For “new bees” Smile


You are right. "I Want U" is a piece of &#%@!


orion the hunter

yep - confirmed, the site is a total scam, full of scammers, i am having fun there at the moment, the latest scam is the "babe you need a verification security ID to chat to the girls babe,i will need to assist you babe ok?"

Prices range from $40US to as high as $1500US.

Beware guys of this site.

I am having fun there toying with the creatures.

Also take note of the profile pics, 80% are of soft core models.

Orion The Hunter.


I wish that I had read your site before subscribing for one month. Getting the repeat billing cancel was very difficult and only agreed to after a really unwarranted effort on my part. The 1800 824 498 is a money maker and I found my recharge almost completely drain (perhaps $100 plus) so I suspect to goes via a drone number direcet to Cyprus.
The site is also on my banks alert list and my card was blocked automatically that also was another hassle that I could do without.
Simply be aware that we who are seeking friendship are vulnerable.

Horny Fred

Have just joined as a free member but always use the internet to research the sites first and thanks for letting me know the site is a scam. Why can't theses folks put a little genuine effort into the site and guys and gals might actually enjoy and pay often.


Yep, I agree. It is a total scam. Emails from girls who don't exist and your profile is posted on other sites such as milf and passion matures. They are out there to prey on people so beware. Was stupid enough to take out a 6 month subscription after supposedly receiving emails from women in my area on the site. As soon as I took out the subscription and replied to some of the emails the profiles disappeared or I did not receive a single reply. I anticipate it will be difficult to unsubscribe so I'm also having a bit of fun playing with them using an anonymous IP so they can't trace me but its annoying. Anyway, I have wasted my money - my advice: if you want to check out these sites set up a fake hotmail, gmail or yahoo account (as they do) and use an anonymous IP to access the site. Don't pay them any money or only subscribe for 3 days, but be aware that you may have to resort to drastic measures like cancelling your credit card to be rid of them.


I total agree that it is a big scam, just like all sites like this. All I ever got was some one in ghana who wants money for pictures and girls who wanted to take you to a web cam show in some other country. They should be band from the sites. Let the real women who are loooking for real sex be there and the fakes gone. Most profiles of women come up on other sites so bewear as it is just a big scam.

It is hard to cancel your subscription and account.


i paid for the 3 day subscription, what will happen when that subscription expires?


A lot of sexy dating sites, are exactly the *censored*!!!!


how do you remove it ?
how do you get your password?

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