Your Favorite Teenage Party Game Is Now A Video Dating App

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Spin the Bottle

There’s only so much you can learn from carefully curated photos and sparsely filled out profiles. Plenty stretch the truth, resulting in more disappointing first dates than we’d care to try to count. Spin the Bottle, a new video dating app, hopes to solve the problem by skipping straight to actual eye contact.

"With so many 'swipe left, swipe right' dating apps out there right now, we wanted a way to take people beyond the often misleading, perfectly manicured profile pictures and get them right to face time," said Matthew Cohen, CEO and co-founder of Spin Labs, the company behind Spin the Bottle. "Looking into someone's eyes and having a conversation... can be much more revealing than reading a list of interests and seeing a gallery of heavily edited, perfectly filtered selfies."

A new take on the classic party game, Spin the Bottle reimagines the online dating experience with 30 second live video speed dates. The premise is simple: a player gives the bottle their best spin with a swipe, and when it stops, they begin a 30 second video chat date with their match. If they're feeling a spark, they can tap an icon to give their date a kiss and wait for one in return. Two kisses and it's a match.

After a mutual kiss, users can send messages, view profiles, and continue to video chat within the app. Users can also up their spin game by winning coins and using them on a selection of bonus features:

  • Direct Hit: Make a Direct Hit and you choose where the bottle lands
  • Flick: Flick players out of your circle and you’ll never see them again
  • Freeze: Freeze the clock for 30 bonus seconds to keep a promising date going

Spin the Bottle keeps safety at the forefront of its mission. The app uses advanced face detection technology to ensure all conversations really are face-to-face. If no face is detected, the image is blurred out and your app experience stays free of any unwanted “junk.” The app also requires connection to a Facebook account to reduce spam and pull information about your interests for better matching. SMS verification is required as a further safeguard against spam.

Spin the Bottle was only recently released in the App Store and hasn’t yet debuted for Android. Android users can sign up for the upcoming beta version on the homepage.

"Spin the Bottle has always been a game of chance, so we want users to feel that excitement as the bottle spins and they enter into these face-to-face video dates," said Cohen. "It's exciting and we think people are really going to love it!"