New Study Finds almost Half of American Singles Prefer to Meet IRL, Not Over an App

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Most everyone in America has heard of Tinder, even if they haven’t used it. Many more swipe-friendly dating apps have followed in its popular wake, but still, singles are finding the dating app scene to be a little daunting, more than a little tiring, and would just like to meet someone more organically.

A new study by YouGov Omnibus found that almost half of American singles would prefer to meet a romantic partner in real life rather than through an app like Tinder. According to the study, even Millennials – the generation that brought online dating into the mainstream – prefer to meet potential dates at a bar, coffee shop, or even being set up by friends and family members over swiping right on a dating app.

Researchers surveyed over 1000 single Americans across the U.S. to find out how many have been set up on a date by friends or family, how many would like to be set up again, and how many would rather meet online.

The study also reveals that 63% of Americans have not been set up before, which means they haven’t had a bad experience to compare it to (like with online dating). However, among those who have been set up, many seem to have a positive enough experience that they want to be set up again, or at least they are open to it (43% compared to 42%). Millennials who have been set up before are the most likely demographic to want to be set up again, at 56%.

Most of the respondents who have been set up (56%) were set up by a friend, whereas only about 17% were set up by a family member. Only 13% of respondents were set up by a co-worker. While one in five Americans think that their families are too involved in their love lives, the vast majority disagree (70%). They prefer their networks to help boost their connections to new people.

Millennials were an especially interesting subset in the research. When asked if they could pick one way of meeting the next person to date, 27% would like it to happen organically, like a chance meeting at a coffee shop or in a grocery store. Twenty-three percent would like to be set up by a friend or family member, compared to only 12% through a dating app and 6% through work. (It should be noted that a whopping 32% said they weren’t interested in dating anyone.)

Bottom line? If you are tired of dating apps, you’re in good company. Maybe you should ask your friends or family to set you up for your next date.