New Dating App Spottle Matches Through Live Video Chats

  • Friday, May 10 2019 @ 04:25 pm
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Spottle Dating App

Live video chats might be the future of dating according to recent reports, and new Washington D.C.-based dating app Spottle is betting on it.

The way Spottle works is simple: you download the app, and then you can join live video chat sessions on Thursday and Saturday nights at 9:00pm eastern time. The way it works is like an online “spin the bottle” session according to, and also acts much like a virtual speed dating event.

When you sign on, you’re matched with someone for a 30-second video chat. If you connect, or if you’re both interested in speaking further, you can send a digital kiss to each other to match. From there, you can message, see each other’s profiles, and video chat or call within the app at any time.

If you don’t connect, you move on to the next person and repeat the process. However, users are only able to join the live chats twice a week and for fifteen minutes only. The chats close at 9:15pm EST.

How to use Spottle
How to use Spottle
Image: Spottle

“If there’s no chemistry, then you spin again,” Spottle co-founder and CEO Max Rosenberg told DCist in an interview. “You’re not stuck with them for an hour.”

Rosenberg did note that you’ll likely only meet 30 people at one time during a Spottle live video chat as opposed to swiping, where you can accept or reject that many per minute. However, many dating experts have pointed to a “dating fatigue” that comes with swiping endlessly on apps like Tinder.

Another potential drawback of live video chats are the risk of seeing inappropriate videos (a.k.a. dick pics). But Spottle’s technology is based on facial recognition, and if the camera moves away from someone’s face, the screen is blurred. Users can also report any misuse of the app.

Spottle might be on to a new dating trend when it comes to video chats. Recent reports have indicated that popular Chinese dating apps are incorporating live video chats into their platforms, as they find younger daters are more interested in meeting people this way, and find it less intimidating than crafting a text message. This seems to be the trend in social media as well, with people gravitating to video over written content. Facetime is also a hugely popular way for young people to connect.

Spottle is now available for download on iOS, and users are free to join chat sessions on Thursday and Saturday nights.