The League Introduces New Video Speed Dating Feature

The League
  • Tuesday, December 03 2019 @ 03:15 pm
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Exclusive dating app The League has announced the launch of its newest feature: two-minute live video chats, intended to work like virtual speed dating.

The feature is called League Live, and users can opt in to participate, according to The Verge. It works like this: starting December 1st, the video dates will begin at 9:00pm on Sundays for those who have opted in, and the app will automatically pair a couple up based on their preferences and location as they do for matches.

All participants will then get three two-minute video dates. (They will be shown an ice breaker question to get the conversation started.) During the call, you can “heart” the other person, and if you both like each other, you will match officially. This means you’ll be able to message each other to find another time to meet.

Similar to speed dating, the idea behind League Live is to get enough of a feel for a potential date that you can decide if you want to meet in person before committing to it, saving you some time. (And I’m assuming everyone on The League is short on time.)

The League also told The Verge that the feature is important for those who don’t live in crowded urban centers or who might want to date someone who lives in a nearby city, where it takes more time and planning to meet for a date. It’s also interesting to note that in beta testing, users ages 35 to 40 were most interested in this feature.

True to its exclusive reputation, The League is also making League Live a VIP-only service. It’s available to both paying and free users, but you have to have a high “League Score” to access it. (This is measured by how often you log on, whether you’ve been reported by other users, and how complete your profile is, among other factors according to The Verge.)

Because the app keeps its user base small, around 250,000 users, they are able to more easily spot bad behavior, including during the video dates. They hired a third-party service to monitor the chats to make sure there’s no nudity.

Other dating apps like Bumble have launched live video chat features, but they haven’t limited the time. Putting a time limit on a video chat can either make you both pay more attention to each other and also eliminate the need to make endless conversation, but it also limits how much you can get to know the person until you plan a date to meet in person.

Some would argue that the in-person date is the only way to know for sure if you’re compatible.