Hinge Partners with Rock the Vote

  • Thursday, August 01 2019 @ 08:12 am
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Hinge Partners with Rock The Vote
Image: Rock The Vote

Popular dating app Hinge has announced its partnership with activist organization Rock the Vote in anticipation of the 2020 Presidential election, according to The Hill.

Capitalizing on the high-profile press the company received when Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg revealed that he’d met his husband Chasten on the app, Hinge has decided to throw its app in the political ring.

The Rock the Vote campaign began during the week of the first Democratic debates. Hinge announced in an Instagram post that it would be donating one dollar for every “like” the post receives, up to $50,000. The goal is to increase activism and participation in politics prior to the election, and to engage its members who are (for the most part) politically active.

The post says: “in the spirit of getting members off the app and out on a date, Hinge aims to increase member participation in the 2020 election, no matter who you’re voting for.”

Rock the Vote is a longtime activist organization that tries to get young people to the ballot box, focusing a lot on first-time voters who might feel intimidated by the process.

“The thing to remember about young voters is they’re new voters.” Rock the Vote president Carolyn DeWitt told The Hill. “The big hurdle and the big challenge we actually face is helping them through the process. So that’s notifying them that there are even things such as registration deadlines and what those deadlines are,” she said.

Since so many young people are on dating apps, it seems a good place to reach them. Tinder partnered with Rock the Vote in the 2016 and 2018 election cycles, offering a feature called “Swipe the Vote.” Tinder gave users a list of questions, and then told them the candidate that most agreed with them based on their answers. The 2018 midterm elections had a record turnout of young voters, according to The Hill.

Now Hinge is hoping to raise awareness of its app and build its community by appealing to the political interest of singles across America.

Buttigieg isn’t the only reason for Hinge to get involved in politics. According to the company’s Instagram post, 83 percent of its members say they are interested in partners who care about politics, but half of members reported having skipped voting in at least one general election.

"After finding that the majority of our members would like to date someone who is politically active, we couldn’t think of a better partner to inspire political activism than Rock The Vote," a Hinge spokesperson told The Hill.

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