Half of OkCupid Users Won’t Date Someone Across Party Lines

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Conservatives and Liberals

Think that politics and dating don’t mix? In this unprecedented election year where political beliefs and emotions are running high, it turns out that more people than ever aren’t willing to date across party lines.

OkCupid just released a new survey that finds 50% of their users would NOT date someone with opposing political views – an all-time high according to their records.

When they dug a little deeper however, they found that the words people choose in their profiles do indicate political and personal leanings in terms of conservative and liberal mindsets, which might explain this trend.

OkCupid’s data team analyzed words used on nearly 200,000 profiles, finding that conservatives interested in love talk about their faith and the military, and use words like Jesus, faith, guns and Marines; whereas liberals talk about the media they consume, specifically The Daily Show, Broad City, NPR, and podcasts, not to mention weed.

When it comes to talking about sex and love, OkCupid found correlations among conservatives who use words like the “outdoors” and “shooting range,” while liberals prefer words like “museums,” “yoga” and “crying” when they discuss these topics.

While this analysis of words might seem like a stereotype – conservatives are in love with their guns and liberals are hippy-like tree huggers, the study actually shows that people are interested in expressing their values (including their politics) with potential dates, and aren’t afraid to use certain buzzwords to see who responds positively or negatively.

Some other interesting findings:

  • The words that were used most often by both parties were “iPhone” and “Godfather.”
  • Frank Sinatra, John Mayer, and George Strait are the hottest artists for conservatives, while Kendrick Lamar struck a chord the most for liberals.
  • People who work in sales are most likely conservatives, and are concerned with meeting their goals.
  • Being outside is the most agreeable hobby for both parties, but conservatives call it the “outdoors” while liberals refer to spending time in “nature.”

Interestingly, liberal single mothers and conservative single fathers in the study don’t agree on many of the questions in OkCupid’s report, except that they find kissing in a tent more romantic than kissing in Paris.

Conservatives who mention firearms-related words are generally not open with feelings, while both conservatives and liberals who mention adventurous words are.

If you’re a fan of smoking weed, you’re going to have to date more liberal-minded OkCupid users. They are more 420-friendly. Saying 420 also correlates to being more open with feelings.

Having good sex wins out over having similar political beliefs, so if you want to cross party lines when you’re dating, go for it.

In other words, some words have more political meaning for daters than others, and online daters hope to get insight from potential matches by how they respond to the words they choose for their profile and messages. The words people use to express themselves sends a message about their beliefs, and can potentially be a turn-off for at least half of online daters.