Dating App Toffee for Posh People Launches in UK

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Are you a private school alum living in the UK? You’re in luck – a new dating app called Toffee will be launching to connect you with other private school types.

Toffee was founded with the notion that "people who hold similar views and values, and have shared the same life experiences (such as going through the same education system) are more likely to be attracted to each other and stick together," according to its website.

There has been mixed response to the buzz the app is generating. Instagram posts and a short introductory video on the app’s website point to an elite clientele, with young men dressed in suits and tuxes and attractive women decked out in evening gowns, champagne at the ready. Many reviews are labeling it as another elite dating app, geared to help connect wealthy people.

Toffee Match Preferences

Toffee claims it’s different from other elite dating apps like The League and Raya. Founder Lydia Davis says that the reason she started it was because people naturally gravitate to those who share similar backgrounds, not to be elitist, and attending private school is a different kind of experience that shapes your identity.

"It's about bringing people together who are compatible and have lots in common. It's about more single people in London getting together and sticking together. And it's about having fun along the way!"

However Business Insider notes that just 7% of the UK population actually attend private schools, a small minority.

Davis was inspired to launch the app after running a high-end matchmaking service. She told The Daily Telegraph, “This work has given me a good grasp of the dating industry and made me realize how helpful a similar background can be as a starting point.”

Some questions that Toffee users might encounter when they are setting up their profiles include other posh experiences, such as what society events they attend, whether they prefer polo or rugby, and how they divide their time between the city and the country.

The app currently verifies that users attended private school through the sign-up process. They login with a Facebook account, choose from a list of private schools they attended, and then agree that the information provided is “true and correct.” If you’re found to be lying about your education, you are removed from the app.

Users will have access to the app for six months before they are charged with a monthly fee. The app is available in the UK. More information can be found at the Toffee website.