Coffee Meets Bagel Allows Users to Login Without Facebook

Coffee Meets Bagel
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Coffee Meets Bagel now Accepts Phone Numbers for Accounts
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Dating App Coffee Meets Bagel no longer requires a Facebook account for users to login to the app. Now, customers can sign up using their mobile number instead, bypassing Facebook completely.

The change was effective on August 20th.

Typically when customers sign up to a new online dating platform, they have to verify that they are a real person (to avoid the proliferation of fake accounts). Facebook has typically been part of this verification process, and provides an easy way for users to pull photos, profile information, and link personal connections with other networks of friends.

But Facebook has been under fire in recent months when the data of over 80 million users was stolen by its third party partner Cambridge Analytica. Many Facebook customers stopped using the platform altogether, and others were concerned about the security of their personal data, and how easily it could be used and manipulated by third parties without their knowledge or consent.

As a result, many dating apps that had incorporated Facebook in verification processes faced a challenge: people no longer wanted to login with the social network, but they didn’t have a choice. Now, Coffee Meets Bagel is joining other dating apps in offering their customers another option.

Co-founder and Co-CEO Dawoon Kang spoke with Venture Beat about the move, noting that CMB was looking into options like Gmail, LinkedIn and other popular platforms for the sake of convenience to the users. “What was preferred from the user side was Gmail, because everybody uses Gmail,” Kang said. “But … Gmail still has the problem [that] you can create multiple accounts … so we decided to go with the phone number.”

But phone numbers aren’t always secure, and as CMB has found, some phone numbers have requested a passcode to one account in multiple languages, raising red flags that the number is fraudulent. They are working with a third party security firm to identify and assign risk numbers to certain phone numbers, so CMB can determine whether to accept or reject the account.

Coffee Meets Bagel also reported that they saw a 387% spike in users who didn’t want to login with their Facebook accounts, according to Yahoo Finance. Kang told the news website: “People are mostly concerned about their data. This data breach, which exposed users’ data to other third-party people, felt like an invasion of privacy in their minds.”

Facebook recently announced that it will launch its own dating platform, which was another motivation for dating apps to move away from relying on the service.

Since late August, users have been able to logon to the app via iOS and Android using their mobile numbers. For more information on this dating app, check out our Coffee Meets Bagel review.