Beauty Brand Urban Decay Partners with Bumble in New Campaign

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Urban Decay Partners with Bumble

Popular beauty brand Urban Decay has partnered with dating app Bumble in its latest marketing campaign launch to promote its new line of Naked Honey makeup products.

Urban Decay will give away 1,000 of its new eye makeup palettes over Bumble’s app. The campaign will target users across all three of Bumble’s services – BumbleDate, BumbleBFF and BumbleBiz - to reach the app’s 63 million users. Bumble will also cross-promote the campaign on Instagram.

Urban Decay’s partnership with a female-forward dating app is an extension of its existing Instagram campaign, which featured megastar singer and body-positive advocate Lizzo wearing the new makeup line.

Instagram has been a popular way for Urban Decay to connect with its customers, according to Mobile Marketer, who reported that as much as 67 percent of the company’s social media marketing budget goes toward Instagram promotions. Making a move to partner with Bumble is in line with its goals of meeting customers where they are (typically on their phones) – and in this case, on a female-friendly dating app.

According to Mobile Marketer, Urban Decay’s marketing efforts are geared toward young women who want to purchase products from companies who embrace authenticity and diversity. Its first campaign “Pretty Different” with brand ambassador Lizzo celebrates individuality and promotes the company’s history as a brand that celebrates women and diversity.

Partnering with Bumble is an interesting move to reach a captive female audience. Urban Decay isn’t the first brand to try this. Bumble has also recently partnered with Halo Top Creamery on National Ice Cream Day, offering its users a chance to win a free box of Halo Top Pops. The company also partnered with Cointreau this past summer to host Margarita Monday in select cities.

Bumble has been looking to expand its reputation too. The past few months, the app has joined forces with women celebrities like Serena Williams, Priyanka Chopra, and Jameela Jamil to promote its app services as empowering to women – whether it’s to help them find career, dating or friendship support.

Bumble is also trying to reach a younger audience, specifically college students. Recently, the company partnered with college fraternities to exclusively sponsor their parties, introducing the app to a new generation of users. On the other side of the party scene, Bumble also partnered with Planned Parenthood to educate young users at The University of Texas about what consent means.

The Urban Decay Naked Honey launch campaign runs through September 23rd. For more on this dating app you can read our Bumble review.