MillionaireMatch iPhone and Android Apps
  • Monday, January 30 2012 @ 03:03 pm
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I noticed you now can access MillionaireMatch through a mobile device. They have a new app available on both the iPhone and Android phones.

With the app you can do most things found on the website including updating your profile, searching for matches and communicating with other members by sending winks and emails. You can also view lists of your favorites, who has liked you and members who have viewed your profile.

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2011 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Wealthy
  • Thursday, January 19 2012 @ 01:43 pm
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In 2011 the Editor's choice for the Top Pick - Wealthy Award goes to It was a close race this time around but we felt that still offered the best service and higher quality members when compared to other similar dating sites.

Millionaire Match went mobile in a big way this year. Not only can users surf around the site using a mobile internet browser but apps for both Android and the iPhone where released in 2011. These dating apps are fully functionally and let you create a profile, perform quick and advanced searches, and communicate with other members. You can also view your lists of favorite matches and find out who has viewed your profile and when. This site is also one of the few who will verify members. These members are marked with an icon identifying that they have had their photo, profile and/or income verified.

If you are single and looking for a wealthy match or if you are someone who has money and is interested in having some fun then may be the site for you. They have many unique features and have been featured on many prominent publications like CNN and the Wall Street Journal.

Read our review of for more information about this dating service or visit MillionaireMatch directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is:

2010 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Wealthy
  • Friday, January 14 2011 @ 03:01 pm
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The Editor's Top Pick - Wealthy Award recipient for 2010 is This is the fourth year in the row that has received this award showing that they continue to dominate this dating niche. Millionaire Match has served the wealthy and sugar daddy dating niche since 2001 and is one of the oldest service of this type. Being almost 10 years old means that they have amassed a large user base which has continued to grow throughout 2010. A few of the outstanding things about this service is free members can reply to paid members messages and members photos, education and income levels can be verified by the dating site as long as the member send in the proper documentation. An icon will be visible on the profile page showing if the member has been verified.

In 2010 added a number of new features for their Gold members. The "My Match" section got an overhaul and allows members to specify a lot of additional information about the type of person they are looking to connect with. Gold members can also now list questions that are visible when another member attempts first contact by email. This has two benefits, the first one is it allows you to find out the details you need to know right away if a match can be successful. The other benefit is that these questions also act like and icebreaker and helps get a meaningful conversation started.

If you are interested in meeting a wealthy single, or you are a wealthy single looking to show someone else a good time then is an excellent choice to visit online to find likeminded and interesting people.

Read our review of for more information about this dating service or visit MillionaireMatch directly.

This Year's Runner Up for this award is:

2009 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Wealthy
  • Sunday, February 21 2010 @ 10:46 am
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The recipient of the Editor's Top Pick - Wealthy Award is Since we started our Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards in 2007, has won in this category each year. Why do they keep winning? It is simple, this dating site offers what most Sugar Daddy sites do not, active members. This service continues to grow every year while it leaves the competition in the dust. Sure there are other dating sites aimed at matching wealthy men with attractive women but, none offer the quantity and quality of members in which has. also has implemented other features, which contributes to their success. Guest members (free) can reply to other member's emails for no cost. This means, paid members can contact any person on the site they find without having to worry about if the person can respond or not. Another important aspect of is, there is no on site advertising. Their goal is help find you a match, not try and distract you with advertisements for other products or dating sites. It always makes me wonder if a dating site is advertising their competitors to make money, how well are they actually doing?

If you are a wealthy single, or interested in meeting one, then should be your first stop online in your search. Their membership base is huge, and members can get their photos, education and income level verified by the dating site. This means if you are interested in a verified member, you do not have to worry about if the person is actually who they say they are, since it already has been confirmed.

Read our review of for more information about this dating service or visit directly.

This Year's Runner Ups for this award include (in no particular order): and . New Features Update
  • Friday, January 29 2010 @ 10:40 am
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  • Views: 2,580 has added a few updates to their dating service. Searching has seen the most changes with some of them being, the ability to search for new members and, searching for members whose birthday is coming up. You can also now specify a lot more information about your ideal match. This makes the "My Match" search much more useful. Along with "My Match" members can now also specify a few questions that members can answer when first contacting you. This not only gives you the information you want (without asking directly) it also acts as an ice breaker and helps get the conversation started.

When replying to emails now, Gold Members can now select from 8 prewritten replies. This makes it easy if you have a quick question to ask the member or if you want to let the person know that you currently are not interested.

Customer email support at Millionaire Match is good with most members only waiting an hour or so for a response. The dating sites Help and FAQ section is only okay. This section could still contain a lot more useful information. What did add (for Gold Members only) was live chat customer support. This means no more wait times for messages since you now can ask someone directly.

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  • Wednesday, December 31 2008 @ 12:45 pm
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  • Views: 3,448 now displays a member count on their homepage. As of writing, there are 1,071,634 member profiles available on this dating service. Since it is free to place a lifetime ad at, this number shouldn't be confused with the number of active members. The number being displayed is the number of members who have joined since it started, which was around 2001. Active members refers to members who routinely log in and use the site. Unfortunately there is no standard measurement for this so some dating sites count an active member as someone who has logged in within 2 years while others count a member as active when someone logs in at least once a month.

While this number is not the number of active members it still represents a large number of profiles. This probably means that Millionaire Match has tens of thousands active members. You should also remember that all free members can reply to a paid members email so this can greatly increase your chances of finding a match when you compare Millionaire Match to other Sugar Daddy dating sites.

Read our full Millionaire Match review for more information on this popular and award winning dating service.

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