Match Group Launches New App in Japan to Compete with Arranged Marriage Industry

  • Wednesday, September 11 2019 @ 12:17 pm
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Pairs Engage Dating App

Match Group is serious about its expansion in the Asian market. It just announced the launch of its new app Pairs Engaged – a “marriage concierge” service to compete with the country’s popular arranged marriage industry.

Pairs Engaged is the opposite of the company’s star dating app Tinder. There’s no casual glancing through photos and swiping left and right. Instead, the customers Match Group is targeting are looking to get married within a year and are serious about the search process.

Hinge Sees a Spike in Gay Users, Thanks to Pete Buttigieg 

  • Monday, June 24 2019 @ 09:23 am
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Pete Buttigieg and his husband

In big news for the dating app industry – Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg met his husband on Hinge. And after his public remarks praising the dating app, it seems Hinge has also seen a spike in gay users.

Fortune reported that the app has seen a 30 percent increase in gay memberships since April 1st, around the time the rising star mayor of South Bend Indiana disclosed he used the app and ended up meeting his husband Chasten on it.

“We’re proud of all of the relationships we’ve helped set up — including Mayor Pete and Chasten,” Hinge CEO Justin McLeod told Fortune. “We’re happy to see that their love story has encouraged even more members of the LGBTQ community to find their person on Hinge.”

New Study Shows Divorce Rates Have Plummeted, Thanks to Millennials

  • Thursday, October 04 2018 @ 12:02 pm
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Divorce is down thanks to Millennials

There’s always a risk when a couple gets married – a common statistic people have cited is that when you get married, there’s a 50 percent chance you’ll get divorced. However, recent data points to changing times and changing attitudes towards marriage. According to a new study, divorce rates have plummeted - thanks in large part to Millennials.

A study by Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen, who analyzed U.S. Census data from about 3.5 million households, shows that the divorce rate in America has plummeted 18 percent from 2008 to 2016. He credits Millennial women with the decline, as on average, they have waited past the age of 25 to marry, and are more likely to have already earned a Bachelor’s degree by the time they tie the knot.

The study also found that people ages 35 to 44 – Generation X included - were also less likely to divorce now than they were in 2008.

Research Indicates Online Dating Is Creating Stronger, More Diverse Marriages

  • Monday, November 20 2017 @ 05:09 pm
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Study of Marriage and Online Dating

Online dating has been accused of ruining romance, fueling hook-up culture, spreading STDs, promoting superficiality, undermining marriage, eroding traditional values, and that’s just a scratch in the surface of the critiques levied against modern matchmaking.

But for all the complaining we’ve done - and likely will continue to do - about online dating, it’s not all doom and gloom. Recent research suggests the rise of digital dating services could be behind stronger marriages, more connections between people from different social circles, and an increase in interracial partnerships.

Economists Josue Ortega at the University of Essex and Philipp Hergovich at the University of Vienna in Austria set out to examine how today’s tech-savvy singles are changing society.

Tinder, Hinge Holding Wedding Competitions for Users Who Meet on Their Apps

  • Tuesday, July 04 2017 @ 07:44 am
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Wedding Contests by both Tinder and Hinge

Online dating companies are thinking outside the box, thanks to the flooded app market and growing consumer base. Popular dating apps Tinder and Hinge are now offering wedding competitions to users who meet through each of their respective dating apps.

Tinder announced that it would offer to pay $100K towards the cost of an LGBTQ wedding for a couple who met through the app. The move was a nod in honor of Pride Month in June.

Tinder launched a new feature last year to include “transgender” as a gender choice, along with almost 40 other options with which users can choose to identify. The company saw an additional 250,000 new matches made as a result of the inclusion, and now, they want to encourage one lucky LGBTQ couple to tie the knot. Tinder also discovered via a recent study that these users are more likely to want a serious relationship, rather than a hook-up. According to an article in Elite Daily, the large majority of gay users (66.4 percent) and lesbian users (62.1 percent) agree that using Tinder will lead to a long-term relationship.

Millennials Are Having Less Sex Than Previous Generations

  • Wednesday, August 31 2016 @ 07:37 am
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Millennials Abstinence

New claims are made about Millennials every day. “Millennials are lazy!” “Millennials still live with their parents!” “Millennials are entitled!” “Millennials will never save money!”

Thanks to a recent study conducted at Florida Atlantic University, a new provocative headline has joined the generational narrative: “Millennials aren’t having sex!”

The study found that 15% of Millennials aged 20 - 24 said they had no sexual partners since turning 18. That’s more than twice the number (6%) of GenX’ers born in the 1960s who said they’ve had no sexual partners as adults. The shift toward higher rates of sexual inactivity among Millennials was particularly pronounced among women, and absent among Black Americans and those with a college education.

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