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2020 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Hookup

Adult FriendFinder
  • Wednesday, January 08 2020 @ 11:27 am
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Adult Friend Finder is the recipient of the 2020 Editors Top Pick - Hookup award. This is a tricky category because a lot of adult hookup dating services in this niche while present well, in fact have little to no members, and are just filled with paid models. Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is different in part because it has been around so long (it launched in 1996). It is an actual site meant for real men and women to find each other and hookup. In fact they have had over 90 million members since launch with close to 70 million from the United States.

2019 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Sexy

Adult FriendFinder
  • Thursday, January 10 2019 @ 10:15 am
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Once again Adult FriendFinder (AFF for short) is the Editors Top Pick - Sexy award recipient. The hookup scene in 2019 is still led by this adult oriented dating service thanks to the tens of millions of members who have met with success on this service in the last 20 plus years. In fact in this time period AFF has had over 91 million members join their service. This includes over 67 million from the United States, 5.7 million from Canada, and 8.7 million from the United Kingdom. Even during non-peak user times Adult FriendFinder usually has more than 90 thousand members online actively using the service to meet and chat with other members. During peak periods like evenings and on weekends, you can expect this number to triple.

AFF welcomes every type of person, this includes straight, gay and transgender. Intimate encounters are popular but you can find women and men interested in all types of kinky stuff.

Growth Industry Or Past Its Prime? A Two-Year Review Of Online Dating’s Hirings And Firings

FriendFinder Networks
  • Tuesday, April 24 2018 @ 11:37 am
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It wasn’t long ago that dating services were seen as the last refuge of the lovelorn and desperate. Today online dating hasn’t merely shed its stigma, it’s a bona fide phenomenon and business appears to be booming.

According to a report from IBISWorld, annual revenue in the online dating industry has surpassed $3 billion. Dating services employed over 9,000 people worldwide in 2017 and have collectively seen an annual growth rate of +5.3% over the past five years.

Yet hardly a week goes by without someone publishing an article condemning digital dating for butchering our ability to have real relationships, and even major players like Match Group have fallen short of analysts’ expectations.

2018 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Sexy

Adult FriendFinder
  • Monday, January 15 2018 @ 10:03 am
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For 2018 the Editors Top Pick - Sexy award recipient is Adult FriendFinder. This hookup site is a very popular adult dating site that has been online for over 20 years. They have tens of millions of members who are straight, gay and transgender. Thanks to advance detection system AFF has a high percentage of real members especially compared to other similar services.

Adult Friend Finder is a very busy community. Men and women who join this service are actively looking for a partner so many members have posted photos and videos. Currently AFF has over 98 million photos from members. Communication is key and this can be done either via email messages or by instant message (which has video).

To find the type of members you are looking for, AFF offers an easy to use search interface. The basic search is a good place to start but as you continue to use the service you will want to use the advanced search to really tailor the results and find those good matches.

2016 Dating Sites Reviews Choice Awards - Sexy

Adult FriendFinder
  • Wednesday, January 11 2017 @ 10:06 am
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The recipient of the Editors Top Pick - Sexy Award for 2016 is Adult FriendFinder. Launched in 1996 AFF has become one of the largest adult dating services for members looking to hookup. With over 40 million members on Adult FriendFinder looking for all sorts of activities there is sure to be members local to you that you can meet up with.

What makes Adult FriendFinder a great hookup community is how active it is. Members constantly are posting photos, videos, and communicating to each other via real-time chat and text messages. AFF is free to join and create a profile. Once complete you can search for members and view part of their profile, small versions of the pictures, and watch some user videos. You can also communicate with members on the instant messenger. This allows you to get a taste of what the service is like. If you want to do more like the ability to send messages and read complete profiles, you will need to subscribe to Adult FriendFinder.

Adult FriendFinder Hack Exposes 412 Million User Accounts

FriendFinder Networks
  • Tuesday, December 06 2016 @ 10:25 am
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A hack against popular adult dating and entertainment company FriendFinder Networks has exposed personal data linked to more than 412 million user accounts. The breach is one of the largest in history, and marks the second such incident at the company in two years.

Nearly 340 million accounts from the company’s flagship site, Adult FriendFinder, were compromised according to a report from LeakedSource. The hack also targeted other sites owned by FriendFinder Network, including, and records from, which was sold in February.

The Adult FriendFinder data stretched back 20 years. Information such as usernames, emails, and join dates was stolen, along with account passwords (the majority of which featured unsecured protections or none at all) and membership data like VIP status and browser information. The cache also appears to include 15 million email addresses from deleted accounts.

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