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Men looking at other women.


I just had to write about this. I met this guy on Plenty Of Fish and we have been dating off and on for the last few months. He is a great guy that has a really bad habit. When we go out to the beach or mall he can’t seem to keep his eyes off other women. He wears sun glasses so it is not obvious and he doesn’t ogle them but I have to say it does hurt. Frown

Am I being to stuck up here and asking too much? I am 24, good looking, and work out. He knows how I feel about this and after we talk about it he does behave for a couple of days but then he goes right back doing it.

How can I get him to stop for good? If I can’t get him to stop I believe I will just end the relationship.


Carol Baby, don't procrastinate.. Guy is really not totally into you. He is scouting for other species while hanging out with you. Go out and date some more, when you meet a guy who has only eyes for you, that's the one Smile


From a guy's perspective... Get over it, all men do it. Even if you think he isn't. It's like a dog that chases after a car it's just instinct because men are visual creatures.

I only love my wife but I do it and she'll notice me doing it and comment too. It's usually because we share the same tastes and she's into other women too.


I think men are designed that way :p
it's only a matter of loyalty whether they would go after her or not. but if you're single it's not a problem. You can find lot's of girls who's available for dating in or but there also cheaters sobeware Smile


Nah thats not right. I have a boyfriend who only has eyes for me, he has female friends but he never thinks about them the same way as he does me because we both trust each other and appreciate each other. Plus when you find real love, you know real love never cheats on you, and it takes TEAMWORK. You should ditch him and find somebody very special. It takes patience, believe me I spent 6 years trying to find someone with the same morals and vales as me and who respects me as me! But there are good guys and girls out there who have decent morals, so keep your chin up! Not all guys stare at women. Not all girls check out guys.

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He is really not serious about you. Especially when he knows how you feel about it, he should have stopped. Get out of it and find a new guy. Smile
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