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dating sides a total fraud

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i wonder from where they bring all those pics to lure the men into their sites. i am harassed with the fake letters,they send every day to fill my email box. the only thing, i was unlucky about ,was that i did not get to read the forums ,before i joined the site. all the emails are one liners without taking much pains to becomes a compulsory affair to reply the emails which we undertand after a long time to be fakes.after some days they start sending our emails to shagaholic to lure us to join that fraud site also.the female who chates with us sends us an open invitation.but that email, mind u with the heading(open invitation) goes to their affiliate site(shagaholic).after sending the email there, they put a beautiful women's pic on the profile of the women in benaughty,forcing us to get the membership of their affiliate site ,shagaholic also. they give us membership in reasonable rates just to trap in their other site named shagaholic ,to make us to pay in pounds.i even gave those ladies my phone number as a last ditch attempt,but all in vain. who ever chats with us must be a paid employee of their office.
i think all the sites be having the same modus operandi, after reading all these forums.god forbid i was cautious enough to pay them by a netsafe card.Idea


i just had a look at shagaholic, thought it was too good to be true, then noticed a repeat word for word from a completely different site on a girls profile. the cheap trial is alluring, but wary of online transaction, and the fact that i was supposedly getting responses in the middle of the night, that i conveniently could not open without a membership, led me to search the forums.
Happy to hear if i have it wrong but even some of the profile pics do not match teh descriptor, by a long shot. maybe there are some genuine suckers among the imposters. Wink

Sucked in once

All Paid dating sites are a total fraud, there are many people sitting in the office writing up fake profiles to help part guys from their cash, the Asian dating sites are the same, they have interpreters sitting in the office writing on behalf of some fake profile.
I would only trust the FREE dating sites and not the money grabbing fakes


hi just thought i would post a comment i joined that site but didnt pay nothing and i thought i would try to delet my account only joined cause said it was free when i went to the delet account section it say u can delet ur account and you click delete and nothing happens im just glad i didnt give the wankers nothing lmao (shagaholic) Mr. Green


Can someone post a list of the free sites


Plenty of Fish is a free site. It's pretty good.


there are a lot of fake profiles on shagaholic but i have met a few women from there and had a real good time. there are a lot of real women there too. you just have to sort through the fakes to find the real ones. that can be a bit frustrating.There are also a few who come from other sites and are looking for love. Shagaholic is for pepole looking for sex and that is a bit frustratuing as you see ahot woman who youd love to shag and she isnt interested in anything but romance.


Quote by: Anonymous

Plenty of Fish is a free site. It's pretty good.

While technically a free site, POF charges for 'upgrade' and if you want to accomplish anything, you must upgrade.
I have not decided whether they are just a little bit crooked or totally incompetent. I paid for a 3 month trial membership and was deleted ~2 weeks before my subscription was expired. I tried to log on and was told that I had messed up. I was using the password that I have used for the last year or two. Using their 'forgot password' option, I was told that my email address was not found in their files.
I e-mailed them 3-4 times and have yet to receive a response.
Crooked or incompetent? Maybe both.


I almost walked into paying shagaholic after receiving messages from beauties - real or not is the question and whether it would have worked is also another question. Thanks for the words of warning.


I probably can't add anything new to what else has been posted on this forum or other areas of the site already but perhaps the addition of my experience will help others not make the same mistake and/or waste their time. The site I used in the UK I notice is not listed here but (with the benefit of hindsight) the tactics and formula used by them are familair to most now, I'm sure. I received plenty of messages, very often starting with 'hey!' or 'looking for NSA fun' or 'new girl in town.' None of them ever addressed me by name, which made me suspicious to start with and I guessed they were generic and any that I did get a response from, asked me to email them at a seperate address or join another web site. After a day or so, these 'members' became inactive. How strange! The one or two I did converse further with all had something in common; Although purpotedly British, they were all working in various parts of Africa in various jobs or assignments but would be coming home 'soon' and were looking for a stable, long-lasting relationship. I wasn't and I even put that on my profile. I didn't ever let them get as far as asking for money for their air fare 'home' but guessed that would be the next step and I doubt if any of them were women anyway although photos were always sent of very natural, normal-looking and therefore plausible females. It was the repetitive pattern that was the give-away. Luckily, I'm not a lonely person and only joined for a bit of fun but I realise there are many people out here not as fortunate as me and these sites provide a thread of hope to them. So my advice is, stick to the big genuine sites - Yahoo being a shining example. You will never know a person is genuine until you get to know them anyway, so it's a risk whatever method you use. I would just like to add one observation though: I've seen women complaining about men posting photos of their 'personal parts' and what a turn-off it is. I'm sure it is but believe me, hundres of women do the same thing and as a man, I find that equally off-putting. The female form is the most beautiful of God's creations but a raw close-up of a you-know-what? I just wonder what sort of man these girls think they're going to pick up by posting such photos?

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